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Professional Butler Service in South Africa

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Many individuals, Hotels, Guest Houses and other Establishments advertise 24H Butler service as a marketing tool. Now…


A few Questions to ask before you fall for this sales pitch:


What is Butler Service really? Butlers specialize in style, etiquette, service delivery and creating an environment in which graceful yet unobtrusive service is celebrated …A Butler is trained for Private Households, Estates, Hotels, Cruise Liners, Jets, and Luxury Establishments where attention to detail; intelligently executed, anticipatory, and almost invisible service are expected and appreciated.


When are you a Qualified Butler? Increasingly The South African Butler Academy has received queries regarding the ‘services’ of our Butlers in numerous Establishments and at various VIP functions. It is unfortunate that we have had to inform the caller that it was NOT our Butlers as each query highlighted the poor quality of service!


As the only Butler Academy in South Africa, it is assumed that whenever and wherever Butler service is promoted and advertised, it was a SABA Butler.


Our Butlers are expertly trained and qualified as professional Butlers!


SABA training based on specific and real household, hotel and luxury establishment’s expectations. Our Butlers are molded, from mind set to body language to demeanor, presentation and execution, on par with international standards. Constantly updating our techniques and modules, our Butlers are assured of being well prepared and ready to work in any environment following the same code of professionalism, etiquette and protocol.


Our syllabus is modern, while still upholding many of the timeless and traditional values & ethos. In order to maintain modern standards the latest technology and software training is provided and updated continuously.

What can I expect of a Butler?
(to name a few)


Etiquette and Protocol
Meeting the guests expectations
Silver Service & Wine service
Caviar Service
Table Service
Valet Service
Butlers Pantry
Pursers office training
Room Service includes rooming and Housekeeping
Telephone Etiquette
Special Areas of Expertise includes; Cigars, Teas , Chocolates, Cheese and Needle (sewing) Skills
Social Skills ,Personal skills, Public Speaking and Boundaries
STCW, Life at Sea, Safety and Specialized Yacht, Steward Training, Aviation Service

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