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Hotel Butler Service is unique and differs from the residential butler job description;  the hotel butler provides a seamless service to not only one guest or one family but to many guests and many families on short stays or longer. The effect which is created by the hotel butler is forever in the minds of his / her clients. Many Hotels provide Hotel Butler Service and quite a few do not know the services which a Butler can offer to guests, therefor the Academy assists in providing the correct job description & training for Hotels / Resorts / Lodges & Yachts.


The South African Butler Academy base our programs literally on practical training, we are by far the number one choice in the world when it comes to hotel butler training.  When onsite we touch the senses and interpersonal development of each student – we leave a mark which no one can copy or claim. The South African Butler Academy Training is purposefully imagined & Meticulously considered, crafted to precision.   It’s not just what’s next. But what should be next!


The Butler Academy specializes in the training of Hotel & Resort butlers as well as butlers working in Africa surrounded by nature and spectacular views.  From Kenya to Namibia we provide Butler Training to 5 Star Lodges across Africa. Recently we completed our 14 day training program in Madikwe “Etali Safari Lodge”




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Our program is customized and since 2009 our experiences will benefit your organization through the South African Butler Academy methods.


The South African Butler Academy Hotel Butler Training Program:


  • Hotel Butler Standard Operating Procedures
  • Guest Relations and Demeanor
  • Technical Skills within the suite and back of house areas
  • Guest Awareness
  • Deportment & Etiquette
  • Special areas of expertise
  • Valet Service
  • Rooming Procedures
  • Cultural Differences
  • Attention to Detail
  • Food & Wine Service
  • Time Management
  • Culinary Terminology
  • Selling Techniques
  • Housekeeping Terminology
  • Dealing with difficult guest requests
  • Role Play


We provide each Hotel ( our client ) with our latest book called “Allow Me” only available to select clients and personnel. We will also assist long distance with Skype Training if deemed necessary.

We provide Hotel Butler Training to many countries amongst of which are:


  • Singapore Hotel Butler Training
  • Switzerland Hotel Butler Training
  • Sydney Hotel Butler Training
  • New Zealand Hotel Butler Training
  • German Hotel Butler Training
  • Amsterdam Hotel Butler Training
  • Italy Hotel Butler Training
  • Romania Hotel Butler Training
  • Sweden Hotel Butler Training
  • Thailand Hotel Butler Training
  • Bali Hotel Butler Training
  • China Hotel Butler Training
  • Dubai Hotel Butler Training
  • Hongkong Butler Training
  • England Hotel Butler Training
  • Los Angelos Hotel Butler Training
  • New York Hotel Butler Training
  • Boston Hotel Butler Training
  • Miami Hotel Butler Training
  • South Africa Hotel Butler Training


Please feel free to contact the South African Butler Academy at any time for a reference on the various hotels trained, we are off this month to train exclusive hotel on the Island of the Maldives! Keep your eyes on our Facebook Page:




(The Butler Academy will be spending 3 months next year onsite many properties providing our excellent Butler Training Program)

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