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Silver Service & Caviar Service

By Butler Academy

Silver Service / Table Service


Providing silver service in a restaurant calls for staff to be very organised and efficient in all work practices. You must have a work plan in order to work efficiently and ensure customer satisfaction at all times. All staff members must know all procedures and organisational requirements. You must be aware and have a good knowledge of all service procedures and be comfortable carrying them out.


Always work within specified areas to avoid disturbing the workflow of others.


Plan your work to avoid unnecessary movement. E.g. if you are going to the bar or kitchen, never go empty handed – there is always something that needs to be removed from the restaurant.


Organise your work area to establish an efficient workflow. Always have all service items and equipment ready for use to avoid unnecessary trips.


Always clean as you go and go as you clean, as this will avoid unnecessary cleaning and time wasting at the end of your shift.

All preparation areas should be kept clean at all times.



Smooth workflow and following of organisational requirements will ensure that customers are satisfied at all times. Customers expect efficient and organised work practices and good service at all times. This ensures that they will return and hopefully advertise the establishment through positive word of mouth advertising.



Remember that in restaurants there are sharp implements such as knives and waiter’s friends and hot and heavy service equipment which must all be treated with the utmost care at all times.



In the case of silver service, you must always take the greatest care in serving the customers to avoid spilling or dropping any of the food that you are serving on the customers.



It is also important to remember to cause the least amount of disturbance to customers, especially as you are working very close to them. Try not to lean on or over the customers or hover for too long.



The longer you take in silver serving the more chance there is of the food cooling down, so you must work quickly and efficiently at all times.




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