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“Soup Day” at the Butler Academy! Winter is here in Cape Town.

By Butler Academy



Today at the Butler Academy we stayed indoors for our Team Building event. We decided to learn more about “culinary terminology”, general knowledge and superior soups.


7 teams made absolutely amazing soups. Making homemade soup can seem like a time-consuming and daunting task, but we promise – it’s easier than you think! Whether you want something easy and healthy, or something elegant enough for a dinner party, there’s a soup for every occasion and palette.

1) Cream of Tomato soup


2) Creme du Barry


3) Butternut soup


4) Minestrone


5) Vichyssoise


6) Mushroom soup


7) French onion soup


please read student comments below:


Excellent day! Well done team!


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  1. Theunis Smit says:

    Today was a lot of fun. Because of the bad weather we did not continue with our team building. We had a lot of fun making soup. I personally learnt a lot, cause of the fact that I do not cook that well – yet. I thank everyone for an awesome day.

    • Henriette Maritz says:

      Glad for the “yet” you put in there, Theunis. It’s going to change for both of us! Thank you very much for being such a helpful and gracious team player!

  2. louis che says:

    i had my first experience cooking french onion soup with miya.
    enjoying every bit of it.

  3. Armand Smuts says:

    We all arrived this morning at 07h30 ready to leave for our team building exercise. But due to the the weather it was called off for the day. The day turned out absolutely perfect, I learned how to make a wonderful Creme du Barry soup, which is something different than my famous 2 Minute noodles.

    Anneke and I (Both 2 minute noodles experts) teamed up and “AU” a little bit of help from Mr Cross managed the create the most “Al Dente ” dish.

    This day turned out excellently. Days like this that make you excited to return the next day.

    Thank you SABA.

  4. Candice and Gerhard says:

    Despite the cold weather, today was a great day. We all learnt a lot and had loads of fun. We all split up into 7 teams of 2. Gerhard and I got paired together and were asked to make the minestrone soup. I was horrified at the idea of making minestrone, because I had never attempted this kind of soup before, and was rather hoping to get something easier like the butternut soup. But, thanks to Gerhards confidence and with the guidance and assistance from Mr. West and Mr. Cross, we managed to pull off quite a tasty and professional looking soup. Well done to Theunis and Henriette for making the winning soup, the vichyssoise. Delicious!

  5. Carlington says:

    I really enjoyed the day and am so proud to be part of butlers team.

  6. Paisley & Fredderick says:

    Today’s soup lesson was a daunting task for me after laying down my kitchen knifes 10 years ago. It was a bit of a blank moment, but once the knife was in the hand and the chopping of onions and mushrooms started, things slowly trickled back into my memory. Only difference was the portion size. It is a big difference in cooking for 100 than for two persons and it did take a bit of “kitchen magic”. The mushroom soup turned out perfect at the end. It made me realise how important it is to know and be able to cook a few simple, but quality dishes on short notice. It is always good to have a few tricks up your sleeve!

  7. Paisley & Fredderick says:

    Eerstens was ek bly dat ons ‘n prakiese klas kon doen. Dit is die eerste keer in my lewe wat ek behoorlike sop van begin tot einde gekook het en beoordeel was. Ek was wel bang vir die eind resultaat, maar het myself en die klas verras. Al was ek nie onder die wenners nie, was ek wel baie in my skik met myself. Ek is trots om op so kort kennisgewing om iets te kon voorberei en met nodige bystand en leiding, het ons almal op tyd met positiewe resultate klaar gemaak. Watter ‘n ondervinding! Baie dankie!

  8. Lalitha Soma says:

    Had an amazing at SABA today! My first cooking experience was much more enjoyable than I thought it would be, Thank you Carlington for be being a great cooking partner. Looking forward to the rest of the course with my fellow colleagues & the SABA team!

  9. Anton Swart says:

    I was very excited about the team building day that we would’ve had today, but as we walked out of the door this morning (me, Gerhard and Mr. West), Mr. Cross called and asked Mr. West if we were still going out? So I suppose you know what the answer was, now that we had our team building indoors? Hahaha…I really thought that this day would turn out boring, but it ended up beyond my expectations. I enjoyed it very much!!! I learned how to make tomato soup and I learned a lot more than just how to make the soup. I just want to thank Mr. West, Mr. Cross, Mr. Coetzer and Ms. Wiese for the great day we had. Thanks SABA that we can learn all the technical skills we need to go out their and do the best we can!

  10. Frederick and Paisley says:

    Today was one of those real cape town wintry days, but Mr Cross and Mr West and the rest of the team managed to pull of the perfect Indoor Team-building Exercise SOUP SOUP and more SOUP, what more do you need on a Grey Cold and Windy day like this. Me and Paisley decided on the Mushroom soup, one of those all time favorites, a little snip snip here and a chop chop there and who-la, add some cream, a little bit of truffle oil and you have the perfect soup, soup for the sole quick and easy!! First day cooking and I would say all round success every one pulled it off, and we had our very own Master Class right here in Cape Town… Thank you all for a perfect day.

  11. Henriette Maritz says:

    Today the true meaning of “expect the unexpected” happened. Our team building day was placed on hold because of a cold front that moved into the Western Cape. The tables were literally turned and we started cooking! I was in team Henriette-Theunis. Our assignment was Vichyssoise. Neither of us have been exposed to specialized cooking before, but we made a great team! I know that there are people interested in the recipe and I would certainly make this any day again, because it was so unbelievable tasty!

    5 Peeled and chopped medium size potatoes
    1 small chopped onion
    5 chopped leaks sticks
    Saute in olive oil
    Continue to cook in 200ml fresh cream and stock.
    1t of salt
    add 25 ml Brandy, blue cheese, Freshly squeezed lemon juice at the end of the cooking process, stir well and dish up with freshly whipped cream and ENJOY! Thanks to all the cooks that helped to stir our pot on the stove as well as the valuable inputs of the Judges! I really enjoyed all of it!

  12. Gerhard says:

    Wow! Wat n dag by Academy, die hele dag om gegooi deur die weer waar ons moes spanbou gehad het. Die Academy is altyd n stap voor, wat ons kry is n sop maak in span, was dit nou lekker om uit die “box” te dink, sop wat ek nog nooit in my lewe gehoor het nie minestrone. Was dit nou baie lekker om te proe en te maak. Dankie aan Mr Cross, Mr West, Mr Coetzer en Ms Wiese vir n wonderlik dag.

  13. Anneke Viljoen says:

    Armand and I (the two 2 minute noodles chefs) were teamed up to make Creme du Barry, which is a far way from microwave noodles.

    Both of us did not have a clue what Creme du Barry was, much less how to cook it. But with help from Mr. West and Mr Cross we managed to get the job done and also learned some new skills during the process. But most importantly had lots of fun!

  14. Meja de Klerk says:

    Today has been a lot of fun, I enjoyed making the French Onion Soup with Louis. I learned a lot of new stuff and I can’t wait to learn even more during the rest of the course.

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