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Starwood Sheraton Butler training | Maldives

By Butler Academy

The South African Butler Academy is pleased to announce our 12th Butler training program in the Maldives. This time we are training 26 Butlers from several resorts in the Maldives at the stunning Sheraton Full Moon Resort and Spa (this is our second program at Starowood Hotels)

Resort Butlers from; W Hotels, Velaa Private Island, Ozen Atmosphere, Angaagafa Island, Paradise Island, Sun Siyam Iru Fushi, Outrigger and Gili Lankan Fushi. This is an honour!


The Academy is well -known in the Maldives in delivering Butler training which is bespoke and extremely effective. Every training program is well received and the demand for proper training is growing. The South African Butler Academy will be opening the first ever “International Resort Butler School” on the 1st of April 2017 in Hulhumale, Maldives. Students may now enrol at their convenience and resorts may send butlers to participate on courses. We will be offering 4 courses per year.


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18 Responses

  1. hamzath says:

    The duration of the course is a bit short however it is the best training I ever had. I am glad for the opportunity to learn and with these creative ideas would help me to build and develop my carrier.. thank you very much Mr.Newton cross. It was lovely.

  2. Ajfaan says:

    Thank you so much for amazing training.
    This training is Awsome experience in my life
    Thank you so much mr newton

  3. Joyce Huang says:

    Excellent training ….have a wonderful time stay with our amazing team .Learning a lot and it’s useful for my whole life.
    Good manners..have a positive attitude about ur life .

  4. Juhaina says:

    I would say during my 30 years of my life this was the most fun & enjoyable training I ever had. Time flew & class was over before we know it. I would certainly recommend SABA training to my friends & colleagues. Thank you Mr.Newton for making the training memorable.

  5. muradh says:

    It is one of the most wonderful, excellent traning ever attended in my life,Mr newton cross your patience and love is something incomparable. The way of teaching and handling the class is excellent.thank you sir newton

  6. Nabeel says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful training. It was most amazing training I could ever have. It has changed me a lot, and in the future this training is going to help me, as a person and in my carrier wise too. Thank you Mr. Newton.

  7. Libin says:

    excellent training.thank you so much Mr.newton cros you hove done a great job..

  8. Nasru says:

    Thank you Mr. Newton. This was the most wonderful training i ever did, Will live by everything you’ve taught us. The best hospitality trainer in the wold 👏👏 once again thank you mr. Newton and SABA team.

  9. Shaan says:

    I don’t owe my professional success to my destiny, courage, luck, belief, confidence or fortune. I owe it to a wonderful teacher like you. Thank you.

    We may not say it out to you aloud, but you make a beautiful impact on our lives without a doubt. We may sometimes behave annoyingly, but deep down in our hearts we know that you care for us lovingly. Thank you.

    An apple a day may keep a doctor away. But what should I eat to make awesome teachers like you always come my way?

    Creativity, imagination and originality – the things you have cultivated in me are not quantifiable or measurable right now. But I am sure that their contribution in my life will be way more than just measurable. Thank you.

    I can’t accept anything more from you my best ever teacher newton I am so glad to attend this training and I am looking forward to do next 8 weeks training but don’t know when it will be possible

    For those who haven’t done the training
    I will say everyone must attend the training not for the certificate for your knowledge that u will learn new things which u can’t count it

    Thank you newton
    Sincerely Shaan

  10. Ibrahim Mohamed says:

    Most memorable Traning ever.Excellent balance of theory and practice. The quality of the content was excellent.Mr. Nuton Cross,your the Best Trainer I ever met. I really enjoyed it, and appreciated. I would certainly recommend SABA training to my friends & colleagues. Thank you..Have an excellent day..

  11. Nasih says:

    It was a wonderful experience. Mr. Newtons method of teaching was outstanding. The best trainer in the world. all that i’ve learnt in such a sort period is incomparable to things i have learnt in the hospitality industry or at college in the past few years.
    It is a must-do training for everyone who’s working in the hospitality industry, regardless which department working in.
    Thank you so much, Mr.Newton.

  12. Failam says:

    I have been in countless trainings in the past 3 years held by Starwood and Fourseasons. Met lots of amazing trainers, however this training has been the most enlivening and informative training I have received to date! It really pushes you out of your comfort zone and motivated you to perform. Me being a big introvert it was never easy from the first day, however Mr Newton was very supportive and instructive he brings out the best in you. I have never met such a charismatic trainer! Thank you so much for a plethora of information Mr Newton. I cannot recommend this enough! If you work in the hospitality industry or lack in social skills this is a must do training!

  13. Anoosha says:

    Learning a lot and it’s useful for my whole life. I really enjoyed each moment of the training and appreciated.The best Finest trainer I have ever met, yes you are Mr Newton. it was a breathtaking training. Thank you so much for the passionate and fun time we had. I salute😀

  14. Leeman says:

    A very inspirational course.well organised,conducted and memorable.The content was spot on [and the] training room work balanced with outdoor practice. Mr.Newton is an excellent trainer, very inspirational, approachable, and supportive. The best course I’ve been on…I now feel energised and confident.

  15. Firushan says:

    To every individual from the hospitality industry,

    Please take a few days to enroll yourself in this enlightening course. Though it was only a week I feel like I have learned more than what I had learned in my 6 years in the hotel industry. This was a huge confidence boost for myself in dealing with different kinds of clients. You will most certainly come out of this course a new person.

    And Mr. Newton is by far the best trainer I’ve come across. Learned more than I would have imagined and through out the entirety of the course there was not a single dull moment. He made sure everyone was participating and learning something new everyday.

    Thank you SABA for the wonderful opportunity and thank you Mr. Newton for the memorable, informative and life changing experience.

  16. Shaz says:

    Its being 5 years in hospitality industry!
    Had so much training how ever a training like this i would say its very useful and easy to understand.
    I sometimes think my self how did Mr.newton got this all Knowledge in him
    The way of how Mr.newton teach us is absolutely transparent that i felt like im in the middle of a place where the service is taking place, its soo real.
    The knowledge i’ve got from Mr.newton is a thing that i would never ever forget.
    My success,my confidence im out of the box where i’ve stayed before opened up my self in a different view and this excellent course impacted me so much because of Mr.newton
    The best teacher ever in 24 years.
    Thank you very much for this great opportunity. Still looking forward learning from you
    Im also looking forward for 8 weeks training don’t know when,how ever as soon as possible.

    Who ever want to bring the best out of them self must join SABA international butler course. And enhance your self and shine in future.

    Once again a big thank you Mr.newton

  17. Mifrah says:

    This was a one of the best training i did in my whole life. it was so amazing and i have learned much from this training. Thank you and i wish to have more training from Mr.newton

  18. Ahmed Shamaau says:

    past 18 years of my life this is one of the most wonderful excellent training I ever attended in my entire life .from the starting to the end of the training I was boosted non stop laughing enjoying and more knowledge gaining I was pleased to reflect on the past incredible butler training which was change over lives in many ways I thank each and every graduated for passion and emotion to wards SABA further more a big thank you to Mr. newton cross one of the energetic teacher I meet ever and this was the unforgettable days of my life your teaching skill is awesome. Looking forward to study in south african butler academy for my future
    shamaau (future butler )

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