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Student Blog 17th of October 2017

By Butler Academy

Excellent Butler Training currently underway at the Academy. Enjoy our student blog below and find out more what our students experience on a daily basis during the course.



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  1. Marilize Bekker says:

    The first week of Butler School was full of nervous excitement, laughter and anxiousness. Though only the basics were covered we got the main idea of the skills and knowledge one need in order to become a butler. The most important of all, is discipline. The next few weeks will undoubtedly be loaded with information and knowledge and I can hardly wait to learn it all…

  2. Dean Wilkie says:

    i was amazed and very interested in what i am about to enter into the butlering world with the knowledge of being an executive butler in the new world i have opened by attending the South African Butler Academy.

  3. Dale says:

    What to say about the first week? It was life changing. I came into this course believing that it would be a breeze and I would just get it over and done with. This as it happened did not turn out to be the case. One of my fellow students and I had a heart to heart where she sat me down and told me how it is. I started to think (sometimes not always a good thing as I am always chasing ideas constantly in my head) however it struck me, it was not anything but myself that was holding me back. I decided to change my attitude and, the whole world changed with me. I started to understand the course with greater detail, I became more accepting of everything around me. I was given a great opportunity in the way of an assignment and although it was difficult at first I ended up taking the most from it and thoroughly enjoying it. I am now ready to say that after my first week, the South African Butler Academy has not only taught me the first fundamentals of being a Butler, they have also changed my whole outlook and mindset on life. I do not know what is to come however, I am waiting with bated breath and the utmost level of excitement and anticipation.

  4. ALTAN says:

    İlk hafta geride kaldı yeni haftaya başladık bile,her gün yep yeni deneyimlere merhaba diyerek uyanıyoruz..Şimdiye kadar aldığım en iyi karar SABA’ya katılmak oldu diyebilirim .Çok teşekkür ederim SABA..

  5. Johan says:

    I would love to write about my first week at the academy.

    As soon as you do that first handshakes with your teachers, you realize that you are going to learn and experience the utmost excellent learning academy in the world.

    I could not grasp the amount of detailed perfection and etiquette rules and styles that we where introduced to, and that was only week one.

    It was Friday and the building blocks for the foundation has just been laid, and already I can see and experience the delegation, time management and proper planning is starting to rub off on us.

    I can’t wait for the next week.

  6. Mark says:

    Excellent time of my life and personality changing experience,one of those that will always be charrished

  7. bernie says:

    excellent course.

  8. Karen says:

    My first week at the South African Butler Academy has been fantastic. The amount of information given is both daunting and thrilling at the same time. Never could I have imagined such attention to detail and a privelage to learn this. I enjoyed every single second of my first week.

  9. Masline says:

    Let me say,that is a good learning experience that I am having here at South africa butter academy.

  10. Kashmira says:

    On entering the butler academy I was uncertain of what might be expected of me, however after the experience of my first week I knew I had to stay to enjoy and experience and how I felt inside.

    I am nervous and scared however excited and energized!
    I am absorbing this experience, and embracing it.

    I cannot wait for what is about to come!

  11. GOODNESS says:

    I have really learned a lot since I got here. There was a time where I thought of leaving everything and walk away, however I am glad I am still here standing. I would really love to thank everyone for their support and encouraging words they gave me… I am looking forward to learn more.

  12. Marilize says:

    Week two of Butler School has taught me that everything you do and say counts. Everything you do will be evaluated by your emoloyer. There are hard days and better days, there are long hours and sore feet and at the end of it all a great satisfaction – because you have learned something new and you have grown within yourself.

  13. Kashmira says:

    It’s is almost the end of my second week at SABA, I have learnt an and incredible amount in almost 2 weeks, and have understood how to apply them to numerous situations.

    This journey at the academy thus far has energized me and has made me more hungry for knowledge and understanding what being a butler is all about.

    I cannot wait to continue learning!

  14. Karen says:

    What a fantastic sensory explosion! SO many new things to learn! What an absolute privilege to be able to soak up so much knowledge. It is a liberating experience to be grateful of ones failures as that is where true learning comes from, PURE rage at oneself! I am loving every single second one of this!

    The INCREDIBLE journey

  15. Dale says:

    The second week is almost done and I have met so many amazing people, learnt things that I never in my life thought I would learn and, doing extraordinary things. I find myself searching within seeking out my weaknesses and rectifying them one step at a time. Life skills that you cannot learn in school or even in the first few years of your working life are being given to you on a silver tray with a neatly folded napkin. Being able to be a part of this course sends pride running through my veins, I am exceptionally ecstatic that I chose this course and, as it turned out, fate chose this specific course date for me. This truly is a one in a million experience however, one thing is not too great, ITS GOING BY TOO FAST!

  16. Johan says:

    What a lovely day at the academy, we learned about serving wine and the proper way to seat a guest. The history of butling was excellent.It’s the small things in live that gives value.

  17. Karen says:

    One Learns many things in life, a lot of it is between the lines and not always written….

    Knowledge is a Blessed Gift

    Thank you for the knowledge

    The journey continues

  18. Marilize says:

    Time is going extremely fast and the third week is almost gone. We had the privelege of serving at a function last week which showed me the importance of management. Seeing how it should be done is something we can all learn from and hope to achieve one day!

  19. Marilize says:

    We are learning many little secrets that makes it so much more fun to do household chores. I wish I had the opportunity to learn this years ago. Every day we get deeper into the tasks, needs and duties of the Butler. I literally can’t wait to learn more as there is so much more to know!

  20. Marilize says:

    Learned about wines today. I now know why people get so lyric about their wines. It truly is an art that can be enjoyed in so many ways. What a fantastic day!

  21. Kashmira says:

    Week 3 is almost over! The time here at the South African Butler Academy seems to be flying by!

    In week 3 there is so much to learn, I feel myself change, I like this change. I feel more confident in myself. In these 3 weeks I have learned and absorbed so much and continue to learn as I enjoy my time here!

  22. Dale says:

    Today was amazing! I had such fun! We did so much practical work it makes all of the theory fall into place! I cannot wait to have another day like today! We have a big event tomorrow and I am so excited and nervous at the same time however, it will be such a great place to learn more skills and pick up more knowledge. Let the knowledge carry on flowing into us!

  23. Johan says:

    What a wonderful day! Food and wine pairing, the ballet of serving and sabrage. The only word to describe today is excellence. Thank you for the wonderful teachings.

  24. ALTAN says:

    3. hafta da geride kaldı ,çok güzel insanlarla harika deneyimler edindim güney afrika butler akademi hayatımı şimdiden çok değiştirdi..bu okulun bir parçası olmayı seviyorum..

    The 3rd week is over, I have had great experiences with very nice people, I have already changed my life in south african butler academy. I love to be a part of this school

  25. Marilize says:

    Week four has already commenced at great speed and this time we are moving the school to a new location. This is excellent hands-on experience for us on how to properly move a large household. Once again, organization and teamwork is paramount to the success of the move.

  26. Marilize says:

    We have moved the largest part of the school and I learned how important it is to plan your arrival at the new property. Not only do you need a person to oversee the arrival of boxes and furniture, you also have to know what you are going to do and how you plan to use the space. A great day of learning once again.

  27. Marilize says:

    Week 5 has started and we are all settling down in the new Mansion. The view from here is incredible and the Mansion has great atmosphere. I absolutely love being here! Now just to get all the tasks and maintenance sorted out…

  28. bernie says:

    experience is getting there

  29. Marilize says:

    This week there was a lot of focus on food and tea service. I learned to make poached egg to be used in egg benedict. We have looked at ironing of sheets, pillow cases and towels. We have prepared lunch with three different salads and home made mayonaise. A week full of learning and knowledge!

  30. Kashmira says:

    What an incredible week 5 at butler school! We have moved into beautiful new mansion and the residents have settled in! This week, we had an amazing opportunity to visit the beautiful Simonsig winery and learn about this amazing family run business with an incredible legacy!

    The practicals have been great from making breakfast to beautiful light lunches fit for a king!

    This keeps getting better and better! 🙂

  31. Johan says:

    We are just past the midway, it’s so wonderful to see how everything just pulls together and aligns. Excellent experiences this past 14 days, from food creations to linens to proper methode cup classique training.

  32. ALTAN says:

    Ne kadar da çabuk geçiyor günler,şididen bitecek olmasına üzülüyorum şundan çok eminimki burayı çok özleyeceğim..
    How fast is the days gone, I feel sorry for the fact that it is going to be gone I am very confident that I will miss this place very much

  33. ALTAN says:

    How fast is the days gone, I feel sorry for the fact that it will already be gone I am very confident that I will miss this place so much..

  34. Dale says:

    What to say? Again I am stumped for words to describe what this course is about. I remind myself each and every day that I chose to do this course to better my future, and I will endeavor in every possible way to reach that goal. The South African Butler Academy is an outstanding stepping stone to reaching my dreams. Being able to partake on one of these excellent courses and alas the course which involved the move, is one of the greatest feathers in can proudly place in my hat. The course is not an easy one however, dedication and hard work shall always prevail. Once again I remind myself of the great achievement I will attain in the coming few weeks and how that will influence my life. Great things come from the Academy along with outstanding people and a useful variation of skills. All I can do is smile.

  35. Marilize says:

    Time is getting really short and the days are going too fast for everything I still want to learn. Today we have learned about chauffearing, folding of shirts and jackets, silver service and the making of confiture. This week time was also spent on setting a lunch table, serving tea, ironing and folding a fitted sheet and cooking. There is so much to learn and research that time really is on the short end…

  36. Kashmira says:

    Removing beetroot stains!

    Beetroot stains anything it touches. Getting it out of clothing, table linen or other fabric is dependent on fast action. Here’s are two methods, provided the item or garment is washable.

    1. Rinse the item or clothing under the cold water tap (faucet) straight away.
    2. Soak in biological detergent.Alternatively work in undiluted liquid detergent into the stain.
    3. Wash as usual. If you acted fast enough, the stain should come out.
    Method 2
    1. Soak a piece of bread in cold water
    2. Place soaked bread
    3. Wait until the bread has absorbed the stain and remove.
    4. Wash item or garment as usual.

  37. Marilize says:

    Today we had our International Butler’s examination as well as practical examination in table setting. Armed with only the menu we had some freedom to be creative in setting the table. I really enjoyed it and seeing all the different settings was beautiful! For the afternoon we had formal tea and then the day was suddenly finished. Looking forward to learning how to make Sushi tomorrow – and this time we can bring a friend!

  38. Marilize says:

    Today was a lovely summer day in Cape Town and absolutely perfect for fun with friends. We learned how to make Sushi 4 different ways and all of them were great – and easier than I thought. We took (fun) studio pictures of our master pieces … a memorable day for us all. Thank you!

  39. Marilize says:

    Today we had the most incredible day of wine tasting and food pairing at Hermanus Heaven and Earth valley on the lovely winefarm of Creation. Caroline, our host and farm owner, was lovely and an absolute master in creating foods that fits perfectly with their wines . I never knew that food can kill or enhance the taste of good wine. The size of the glass is also incredibly important when drinking good wine. The scenery is gorgeous and the day could not have been any better!

  40. altan says:

    Muhteşem dağ manzaraları inanılmaz lezzetli şarapları eşşiz yemekleriyle bir şarap tadım gününü geride bıraktık
    We left behind a wine tasting day with unmatched views of the magnificent mountain scenery and incredibly delicious wines..Memorable day..

  41. altan says:

    Yalnızca bir hafta kaldı mezuniyet törenine. 7 hafta nasıl çabuk geçti hiç fark etmeden, çok heyecanlıyım sanırım cruise gemisinde işe başlayacağım herşey çok güzel olacak…

  42. Marilize says:

    Today was our last opportunity to go out as a group and we spent it at the beautiful V & A Waterfront. We had a tour of some luxury shops as well as a charter yacht. This helped us to once again get a deeper understanding of the world we are moving into. A true eye opener. Thank you for the opportunity!

  43. Dale says:

    It is that time, I never thought this time would arrive… Today we are presenting our final task, oh how wonderful it is to be able to say that, not in a negative way however, the work load has been intimidating at times. I have spent the last eight weeks of my life at The South African Butler Academy and, I have no words to describe this opportunity that I afforded myself. I would however describe it as a monstrosity of a roller coaster. You think you know what you are getting yourself into when you jump in the seat, then the harness locks into place and you start feeling nervous. Once the roller coaster starts going, your brain somehow realizes that there is no going back, the brain thinks to itself, what if I have a heart attack? What if the roller coaster breaks? and the nerves just sky rocket. There comes a point within the soft click click of the coaster attempting to reach its pivot point when, you think to yourself, I will be fine and I will just grin and bear it. At the pivotal point you look down and realize how high you are, this is when your heart skips a beat (maybe a few beats if you are like me) and you think to yourself, what have I gotten myself into? Slowly, slowly the coaster coaxes over the point of axis, and then the ride really begins. You plummet towards the earth at high velocity, grabbing onto the strangers hand next to you (an unspoken bond of support), you twist and turn and loop d loop all while screaming and feeling the blood drain into your feet. You swirl and plummet and rise again from the ashes. And next thing you know, the brakes are slamming on to slow you down for your final approach. The coaster clicks to a stop. You jump off and your feet hurt slightly from the amount of blood that found its way somehow there. Your legs wobble as you move away from the coaster and walk down the side passage. You stop to look at your photos throughout the ride and low and behold, there you are smiling like a maniac. You had fun. You want to do it all over again. You were having fun the whole time without even realizing it. You met a stranger who became your pillar of support. Thank you Butler Academy for allowing me to ride one of the best roller coasters of my life thus far.

  44. Dale says:

    Seen in the background, always graceful, executing duties with perfection, someone who provides a service to ease the tasks of life. This is my definition of a butler.

    I have been waiting for be right words to arrive to describe the ecstasy of attaining the privilege to be that person and, I realized they were there the whole time surrounded by great admiration and pride.

    The Oxford Dictionary describes being a Butler as a noun: The chief manservant of a house.

    This requires some adjustment however, should they adjust this to the correct definition, the meaning would become countless pages long.

    With eyes opened to this world, you will enter into an era of sophistication.

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