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Student blog January 2017

By Butler Academy

The time has come for us to share amazing insights on our International Butler course taking place at the Butler Mansion. We invite you to read our daily student blogs. Enjoy!



118 Responses

  1. Jill says:

    Friday, 10th of February 2017

    Today was an incredible day. I absolutely enjoy the new skills we are learning each day at this beautiful Academy.
    I have finally learned how to make excellent hamburger patties. The recipe we used today was quick, easy and scrumptious. I thought I knew what went into putting a hamburger together, but today I learned the fine art of assembling the perfect burger.

  2. Ane' says:

    10th of Feb 2017 – Student Blog
    Today was fenominal! I personally enjoyed our cooking class. I never knew that there was anything “to know” about Hamburgers!

  3. Harry says:

    10th of Feb 2017 student Blog

    Today was absolutely amazing, I personally enjoyed the new skills I learned at the acadamy today.

    We had our first master class today and it was how to make the perfect hamburger! Wow I did not know how easy it was to make the perfect hamburger. The burger had coleslaw on it and I learned that you turn your burger upside down, then eat it as it will stop the insides of your burger to fall out! Wow thank you Mr Cross ! Amazing

  4. Reinhart says:

    10 February 2017,

    What a fabulous day! Today we learnt how the perfect hamburger is made, and what the correct way is of eating the hamburger: upside down! We also went out to the pond and fed some of the local park birds. I am so glad that we could spend some time in nature! Thank you SABA

  5. Harry says:

    11th Feb 2017 I had another amazing day as I learned how to usher guest from there vehicles too the concert at an exclusive function. Assisting the guest with their belongings. I also learned how we as the students worked as a team and how to follow the instructions given to us by the manager of the venue.
    I learned how to take photos as our teacher instructed and what pictures our teacher wanted. I feel proud in my development and learning at the amazing places we work at that helps me improve my skills as a butler!
    Thank you SABA !

  6. maggie says:

    today was absolutely amazing.I personally enjoy the new skills learnt at the academy.I haven’t learnt three ways how to fold napiknapkins (1)picknick napkin
    (2)pyramid napkin
    .(3)paradise napkin and i have also learnt how to set the table it’s in a stylish amazing way

  7. Jill says:

    Monday, 13th February 2017
    Another marvelous day at the Academy is over. Once again my head has been filled with all things new and exciting. I learnt so much today about housekeeping- the correct techniques and procedures to use to clean and maintain items in beautiful stately homes.
    I also learnt that checklists are absolutely essential. How does one ever cope without referring to them continually? There is so much to get done!
    Etiquette and protocol- this is something everyone should learn about. A wonderful way to end our day. Thank you!

  8. Ane' says:

    13 February 2017 Student Blog
    I personally enjoyed today as I learned how to propperly clean and polish silverware…something I was looking forward to for a very long time!

  9. Hughen says:

    13 Feb 2017
    Today was absolutely amazing. I personally enjoyed the skills learned today at the academy and how to set up an emergency quick afternoon tea.

  10. Harry says:

    13 Feb 2017 Monday was an amazing experience for me and I learned how to clean silverware and polish the silver! I used two buckets of water for rinsing, I used a product called silver bath , I used two sets of difrent cloves , I used two sponges and two soft cloths and a dish cloth! It was an amazing experience for me to clean silver the proper way.

  11. Harry says:

    14 Feb 2017 Tuesday
    I had an amazing learning experience today , where I learned how to set a formal dinner table today and how to plan the table setup with my team. I also learned the importance of zoning a house before the cleaning process starts! Today was a very thought day and learned the importance of security and to follow protocol. I learned how to fold the toilet role neatly for guests. Today was also the day I had to give two sandwiches to strangers as it’s the gift of giving or choose Tuesday where I choose two random people and give them sandwiches. It made me feel proud to give something back to the community.

  12. Reinhart says:

    14 February 2017

    What a fabulous day! Today we were trained in table setting and had to set a formal St. Valentine’s table for 8 people. We also had a fabulous lunch, and afterwards learnt about 2 folds for toiletpaper. Can’t wait for tomorrow

  13. Jill says:

    Tuesday, 14 February 2017
    What a fabulous Valentine’s Day we had today at the Butler Mansion. We were able to practice setting up two exquisite tables to be used for a very special Valentines Day meal. I learnt how to join two tablecloths together so as to create the most beautiful effect. I also learnt how to measure individual place settings to correctly place the base plates and silverware. Paying attention to all the details makes for a superior dining experience for all guests as everything looks wonderfully in order and lined up.

  14. Ane' says:

    14 February 2017 Student Blog
    A challenging day I am most grateful for!
    I learned how to properly set and align a formal dinner table, perfectly aligned and beautifully decorated…a skill that no one will ever be able to take away from me. Lessons like these are to me like precious gems. I am forever grateful!

  15. maggie says:

    today it was a wonderful day at butler’s acadamy. after learning how to set a formal valentine table for 6 people. the table was blended with two types of napkin colours red and was amazing how beautiful it came out am lloking forward to learn more

  16. Brendan van Niekerk says:

    Today the 14 of Feb was absolutely the best day .I enjoy how we how lirnt to set a beautiful table .I also enjoyed how the practicals today because ti is very similar to real life situations .

  17. Pieter pretorius says:

    I learned how to set a valentines table to day.

  18. Hughen says:

    14 Feb 2017- student blog

    Today was one of my most challenging days
    I have learnt that one negative effect on your morning can mess up your whole day, however it’s best to come with a positive attitude to always endure the best results possible in whatever you do for the day.

    Etiquette is for me the most amazing lesson Iearnt this far

  19. Linnly says:

    What a day? We had an excellent day today we learn how to paint we how to make different types of eggs wow l loved each and every moment we had.

  20. Ane' says:

    15 February 2017 – Student blog
    What a funfilled, unexpected and exciting day we had!
    I learned to prepare Herb boxes today and I am super excited to see how the second part of this project will unfold.

    We learned how to propperly cook eggs in different styles. Breakfast will never again be the same!

  21. Jill says:

    Wednesday, 15th February 2017
    Today was an exciting learning curve for all of us at the Butler Mansion. Our tasks were varied and we all got to partake in each area.
    My first task involved putting my handyman skills to good use by helping to paint the tables for our wonderful new herb garden. This was followed by an ‘eggscellent’ demonstration of how to prepare fried eggs and scrambled eggs simply, but elegantly. Finally to top it all off, I began training in how to set up the perfect Estate laundry right from the beginning. Another successful day of learning has rapidly passed by.

  22. Harry Olivier says:

    15 Feb 2017 Wednesday

    I had a very exciting and amazing day today and I learned how to do painting ; how to setup for a Landry and how to make the perfets sunnyside up eggs and to make amazing scramble eggs. I also learned how to make perfect 2 egg Sunnyside up eggs. I learned some new terminology words today also. I had the most amazing day today and I feel I learning new skills everyday.

  23. Kobus Durand Durand says:


    I had an amazing day as head butler and learned how to take charge. We learned how to make scramble eggs, sunnyside eggs. We learned how to organization of the laundry, paint the herb garden and learned of different herbs.

  24. maggie says:

    we had a funny busy day. we learnt how to make a sun side egg, medium rare and scrumbleds egg there after we did this exciting house maintanance activity which we painted we had lots of funny

  25. Brendan Van Niekerk says:

    Today I learned how to make the perfect egg for one person and most important how to set a washing station .

  26. Pieter pretorius says:

    Today I paited and learned how to make perfect eggs.I loved every moment of today it was fantastic.

  27. Hughen says:

    15 Feb 2017- student blog

    Today teambuilding was fun. In a household it’s alll about teamwork. It’s was so excellent learning a new method how to make eggs a simple product in the household. Painting was just marvelous , a good mind cleanser.

  28. Jill says:

    Thursday, 16th February 2017
    Today was an awesome day. We all helped to build a herb garden at the Butler Mansion. This was a highlight for me. I never thought I would enjoy this type of activity as I typically do not have ‘green fingers’. However once we began and I could see how straightforward the whole process was, I really loved it! The teaching and demonstration was really simple and clear. Thank you SABA for introducing me to herb gardens!

  29. Reinhart says:

    16 February 2017

    What a day! I received some chauffeur training and got to know Cape Town a bit, and afterwards did some housekeeping. However, the highlight of the day was when we started our own herb garden. I planted Rosemary and Thyme! What an awesome day

  30. Kobus Durand says:

    16 Feb 2017

    Thank you for today! I learned more about plants and cleaning. Excllent

  31. Harry Olivier says:

    16 Feb 2017
    Today was a absolute an amazing day at the academy! We learns how to make our own herb garden and the important herbs for all households. We also made our own fantastic herb garden at the butler mansion ! I must say the herb garden looks amazing. I feel proud of our new addition to the butler academy.

  32. Brendan Van Niekerk says:

    Thank you for the wonderful day. I have lirned a lot of new ways to make a wonderful herd garden .

  33. Ane' says:

    16 February 2017 Student Blog
    I LOVED this day!
    I enjoyed being outdoors so much.
    It was fantastic to paint our plant boxes and even more exciting to plant our very own herbs!! (Just think of the aromas from the kitchen when we cook with freshly picked herbs!)
    We have a fantastic team with great humor and I value each team member. Thank you for a superbly wonderful day!
    May we please do it all over again?

  34. maggie says:

    still learning exciting things at butler acadamy.we learned of to make a herb garden it was was funny doing it in team work and we learned how to arrange things it’s a wonderful journey

  35. Jill says:

    Friday, 17th February 2017
    I cannot believe how quickly time has passed by on this course. Week 3 is already over. Today our heads were filled with the following essential skills: The art of making a mouthwatering homestyle lasagna and how to make the most perfect cappuccino. Wonderful and straightforward guidance from our teachers. My confidence is increasing! I also thoroughly enjoyed helping to sort out storage boxes in our Housekeeping Department. Such a feeling of satisfaction once everything is organized and in its place! Thank you.

  36. Harry says:

    17 Feb 2017
    Today was an amazing experience and day at the academy as we had amazing barista training with One of Soth African’s best coffee beristas. We learned the amazing techniques on how to make the perfect cappuccino and how the decorations is made on the foam. Thank you Mr. Miguel. Also we learned how to make the most delicious lasagne today. It was an amazing time and full of fun today. I can’t wait to see our next cooking classes and what is coming next week at the academy.

  37. Kobus Durand says:

    Thank you for a full week. Much appreciate

  38. Harry says:

    20 th Feb 2017
    Today was an amazing day at the butler academy as we learned new terminology! The new terminology for the 3 different butters I learned is Beurre noisette, beurre noir and beurre blank ! Wow how amazing the butter sounds when you use these terminology! ! We also learn the acronym for the word butler. For me it’s amazing and exciting to lear these words and why they exist today. We also learned different logos of high end brands!
    I feel the more we learn these words the better our understanding of how households work and think !

  39. maggie says:

    another wanderful Monday at butler acadamy we learnt terminology,we learnt logs and how to set the tray and how to save it we learning new things everyday thanks to butler acadamy

  40. Brendan van Niekerk says:

    Thank you for this wonderful day. I learned how important it is to take care of someone else house

  41. Jill says:

    Monday, 20 February 2017

    Beurre Noisette, Beurre Noir, Beurre Blanc, Brochette – yes terminology today. My head is filling with knowledge. Exams are on the horizon too!
    It was awesome to receive the additional tea service training as this is an area where I had a few concerns. Thank you to Mr Cross for taking us through this and making tea service seem so effortless and uncomplicated.

  42. Kobus Durand says:

    Time did fly today, as we had learned all the important logos and trademarks, important in our industry, set up an eye catching lunch. The finer art of table and tea service was illustrated by Mr.Cross. His talent and experience as a Butler, makes it almost look easy, however, it will take hard practice to be as crafted. Thank you for your time and important lessons you are teaching us to prepare us for the world outside!

  43. Harry says:

    21 Feb 2017
    Today was yet another amazing day of training at the academy. We had an amazing time out at a private residence and met a fellow family member of the butler academy , Mrs Mitchell. We had an amazing time and experience with her as she took us trough the house and gave us a wonderful view of her job as a Butler. Mrs Mitchell did wonderful Q&A with us and cave us a brief in the day and life of a butler, what to expect. It was truly amazing to see how butlers work and all the things a butler mus do and learn. What an amazing day we had .

  44. Brendan says:

    Thank you for this wonderful day. I enjoyed it very much.

  45. Jill says:

    Tuesday, 21 February 2017
    Today we all met a real live Butler at work!
    This was an extremely interesting experience for me. It was a privilege to be able to ask a few of the many questions swimming around in my head. To see a modern Butler’s workplace was wonderful. To see how this Butler applies all the principles I am learning at the South African Butler Academy is very encouraging. It all works- incredibly well. Thank you for arranging for this very worthwhile visit.

  46. Harry says:

    22 Feb 2017
    Today was an amazing experience for all of us at the academy as we had our first dinner at the Butler Mansion! We learned the belle of service today and we learned the table setup from start too end! It was very hard and we all had too bring our part with the service. Doing the fiscal service was more harder the we thought. It was an amazing experience and now we know where we as a group need to improve. We also learned about crepe Suzette today and how it was made. It was a fun experience today .

  47. Jill says:

    Thursday, 23 February 2017
    The Butler Mansion was turned upside down today as a result of the wonderful dinner that took place here last night. Everything had to be cleaned. It was a great sense of satisfaction to see all those areas we had used the night before, return to order and be deep- cleaned. I feel like I was a cog in a wheel of a giant cleansing process.
    I especially loved the fact that at lunchtime those on our cooking team made excellent use of the leftovers from last night. Nothing goes to waste!

  48. Ane' says:

    23 February 2017 – Student Blog

    Where do I begin…
    This week has yet again turned around to surprise me. However it is so much more than ‘surprise’. At the beginning of each week I contemplate on what will happen, what will we do…as the week unfold it opens up wit ‘surprise’, it visits the meeting place of ‘technical skills’ and then the week woes you into a special place of ‘experience’.
    Our experience is only a start, we are not ‘polished’ yet.
    What a privilege to have visited a working butler at a breathtaking Tuscan home, to prepare a 3 course dinner for guests, practically experiencing service as it should be and then how to put the house back into order the next day.
    Today I enjoyed organising the pantry.
    It made me feel proud to know that I can do it correctly and that I will be able to do it again in the future.
    Every day at The Butler Academy is a gift to me.

  49. Harry Olivier says:

    23 Feb 2017
    Today was an amazing day at the academy as we had to rest the butler mansion father the formal dinner the night before! It was amazing to learn how we had to make sure all had to be exact as we found it! The day was amazing with an amazing lunch !

  50. maggie says:

    another amazing day at south African academy organised the house after last night ballet service it was a good experience and a lot has been learnt out of it thanks to butler academy for the technical skills

  51. Jill says:

    Friday, 24 February 2017
    I think one of the most valuable exercises for me today was remembering to pay attention to our Morning Graces. Arriving at the Mansion and being extremely vigilant about the tidiness of the property – inside and out. Adding a time limit to the exercise was awesome as this needs to be quick and not something that takes all day!

  52. Ane' says:

    24 February 2017 Student Blog
    …yet again: another day that I LOVED!!!!
    We learned how to cook Salmon.
    We set the most incredible table for tea time to welcome an international guest.
    I had the privileged opportunity to chauffeur our guest from the airport and I enjoyed it tremendously!
    It was a productive day, practical and fun.

  53. Harry says:

    24th Feb 2017
    The day was amazing as we learned the turned down service for our guest. We learned the amazing experience of what’s on a cruise ship or yachts. We setup an amazing tea table , we learned amazing skill of putting up the vehicle for important guest pick up, the day was truly amazing with excellent training and we learned a lot of things at the academy. We learned all about the valet of service and the importance of the service in a household.

  54. Ane' says:

    25 February Student Blog
    Today was an eye-opener to me personally as I learned what service with a tray is all about. It certainly takes a lot of technical skill, physical stamina and the correct body posture. It is not easy.
    I have to say…thinking about hospitality service now, it makes me wonder…

  55. Jill says:

    Monday, 27th February 2016
    Our first exam was completed today. I cannot believe how quickly this course has passed by. We are now halfway through this wonderfully diverse curriculum. I have learnt so much. There have been many surprising little lessons I never dreamed I would learn at the Academy. Thank you so much!

  56. Harry says:

    27 Feb 2017
    We had an amazing day today as we had our midterm exam today and it was amazing! We also learned how to clean crystal and the products too use and how to clean and polish shoes and silverware today. We also learned new and amazing technology words today. The hole day was just amazing and I’m learning so much new things and also new words! I can’t wait for the new day with more exciting and amazing things I would learn!

  57. maggie says:

    we had an amazing outing day today at fair view wine farm where we learnt blending wine with cheese and then we went De villiers chocolate where learnt types of chocolate and the flavours made from the coco bean. a lot of excellent things to learn at SABA

  58. Harry says:

    28th Feb 2017
    We had the most amazing day and I learned the amazing art of chocolate tasting and how chocolate is produced, we learned the amazing cheese and wine pairing today and we visited one of the best farms in Cape Town today! The experience was just amazing! We learned the difference between the caltivars and we had an amazing lunch and eaten something new that I never had before , amazing day out and I’m looking forward to the next training tomorrow. Thank you Mr Cross for this amazing and wonderful day and experience.

  59. Reinhart says:

    28 Februrary 2017

    Today was excellent! We went out to the beautiful Fairview wine and cheese farm to have an amazing tasting experience!
    After, we went over to the Spic Route and had a chocolate tasting at DV Chocolates.
    I love this type of day! Can’t wait for the nextone

  60. Brendan van Niekerk says:

    Thank you for this wonderful day .i have had an excellent time at Fairview .

  61. Brendan van Niekerk says:

    Thank you for this wonderful day . I have had an excellent time at Fairview .The wine and cheese tasting was the best .

  62. Jill says:

    Tuesday, 28th February 2017
    What a gorgeous end to the month of February. Today we had an ‘out’ day. I have been to a few wine tastings, however I have not been to a cheese pairing before. Personally I find it intriguing to see how wine and cheese can match so perfectly.
    Another highlight was being allowed a glimpse into that wonderful world of chocolate production. What a dreamworld. I felt like a child let loose in a giant bowl of chocolate. There are so many different flavours and delights to choose from. I will return in my endeavour to find my perfect chocolate match. It may take a few visits!

  63. Hughen says:

    Tuesday 28th February 2017

    What a amazing day to end off our 1st month at the academy. Field trips are always so fun and exciting because you always notice the little things in public what people do different then the right way. The cheese and wine tasting was exceptional good. Then there was chocolate tasting I mean proper chocolate tasting who knew that dark chocolate can exactly be very tasteful if you knew how to eat it. However I enjoyed the awareness we brought in public as Butlers.

  64. Ane' says:

    28 February 2017 Student Blog
    What a superbly marvelous day!
    Today all students were treated to an outing. We visited the fantastic Fairview farm for a cheese and wine pairing.
    Fairview has a new soft cheese: “Pear and Honey Cheesecake” – a taste treat like no other! Afterwards we visited Spice Route for a Chocolate tasting and learned how chocolate is made. This is something I have personally been longing to do and I am forever grateful for this experience.
    From now on I will appreciate every little piece of “real” chocolate.
    We were also treated to “Vlaamkoeken” – a dish I will have to do some more research on…very unique!
    Thank you Butler Academy for a day like no other!

  65. Harry says:

    01 March 2017
    We had yet another amazing day and we learned so many new things today ! We learned how to pack a suitcase today and how to safe space when packing. We learned about the amazing difference in hangers you get and what they are used for. I learned amazingly 58 new points what to do in our first day and week at a new household we would start working at. We also learned how to make cappuccino again and how champagne is made. Wow what an amazing day it was for all of us at the academy. Tomorrow will be a new and exciting day with new skills to learn.

  66. maggie says:

    another excellent day at butler mansion we learned how to pack the suit case and Champaign fermentation we a learning amazing things everyday thanks to SABA

  67. Ane' says:

    01 March 2017 Student Blog

    …FINALLY…I know how to properly pack a suitcase! Thank you Butler Academy!!

    (I have always wanted to know the trick behind it)

  68. Brendan van Niekerk says:

    Thank you for this wonderful day . I never knew you can pack a suitcase so neat.

  69. Kobus Durand says:

    Today we covered several topics, awareness of what needs to be done around the Taylor family house. Great and highly important lessons from experience was taught to us, regarding how to handle the first 28 days at work. Captivating it was as it was rather crucial information from the experienced hands of Mr. Cross and West. How to pack a suitcase, etc etc. Midway test results were given.
    Had insight in the making of good champagne and how to serve and open it the Butler way. Had another preparation for the great event on Saturday. The passion of both Mr.Cross and clearly Mr. West is inspiring. Thank you all, for trying so hard to bring out the best in us.

  70. Jill says:

    Wednesday, 1 March 2017

    Champagne, glorious champagne! Yes we received a marvelous introduction to this celebratory drink today. I continue to learn new and amazing facts all the time. From riddling to cuvée to pressure in a champagne bottle. All of the finest details are passed on by our extremely knowledgeable teachers!

  71. Harry says:

    02 March 2017

    Today was an amazing day as we learned so much today about service. I had an amazing experience learning the formal setup of a dinner table, the amazing ballet of service and how to be part of the amazing butler team and doing team work. I learned how to make air freshener for households and other cleaning products to use in a house. I feel amazing and blessed to be part of SABA butler academy and learning these new skills!

  72. Brendan van Niekerk says:

    Thank you Mr.Cross and Mr.West for this day .

  73. Ane' says:

    2 March 2017 Student Blog

    Today I was very priviledged to join Mr Cross along with 2 fellow students to the studios of Heart Fm in Cape Town.
    We met the lovely Ms Lang and was able to see how a radio broadcast work.
    This was one of those “super unforgetable” moments!
    Also we had yet again the oppertunity to put into practise what we have learned about dining.
    Do not get me wrong…it is not “just” dining. It starts the previous day already with planning, the menu, the shopping….what to do when things go wrong? How to give your guests an unforgetable meal, experience, service…an evening in totality!
    Thank you Butler Academy for the priveledge of practise!

  74. Ane' says:

    3 March 2017 Student Blog

    Today I personally enjoyed the lesson of “silence”.
    Sometimes one need to come to a halt, take a moment, re-group, re-think.
    Silence gives you perspective.
    It force you to stand still in time.
    Time is such a valued gift in this life.

    Today my time was spend wisely!

  75. Ane' says:

    4 March 2017 Student Blog

    Val de Vie – Veuve Clicquot Polo Event

    It was truely an honor and priviledge for me to be of assistance at this supberb event.
    I absolutely loved the polo match and will certainly go watch again.

    A supberbly terrific venue with an equally terrific team!
    Thank you for a most memorable day!

  76. Linnly says:

    Today was inspiration day that we learn a lot of things from creation to Hamilton Rusells l enjoy every single moment.

  77. Jill says:

    Monday, 6th March 2017
    Thank you again South African Butler Academy for another absolutely outstanding day. A trip to a stunning wine farm in the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, Hermanus. It was here we took a relaxing walk through the vineyards with patient staff eager to pass on knowledge and answer our questions. I personally loved the extended wine tasting and food pairings. So much to learn!
    We then moved on to a second gorgeous wine farm in the region where I really enjoyed the informative overview provided of the oak barrels and the clay pots used in their wine fermentation process. What magnificent views from this farm. Wonderful memories, I feel extremely privileged to have visited these wine farms today. Thank you!

  78. Harry says:

    06 March 2017
    We and an amazing experience and journey today with amazing food and wine pairing at Creation wine farm in the Hemel en arde valley. We learned the importance of the area and how nature can play a big role in the wine. Tasting the amazing wine and pairing the food with the wines and the amazing tastes you get , amazing smells and how it all come together in your mind was Absaloutly amazing. We also visited one of the bes and oldest wine farms in the area and visited the amazing wine tasting rooms. We met amazing people that trained us the amazing experience at these wine estates. Thank you Mr Cross and Mr West.

  79. Ane' says:

    6 March 2017 Student Blog

    I dont have words to describe today.
    It was absolutely magnificent!
    We were treated to the splendid Creation Wines in Hemel-Aarde-valley Hermanus to experience a Tapas and Wine Pairing.
    The surrounding farm is breathtakingly beautiful. Your soul really finds rest on this lovely piece of land.

    Afterwards the historic richness of Hamilton Russel was a personal favourite as I absolutely love the “stories of old”.
    Walki g through one of the original buildings really made me think about what life was like about 200 years ago.

    Thank you Saba for yet another show stoppping day!

  80. Linnly says:

    Today was a great day we learn about security awereness it was wonderful.

  81. maggie says:

    it was a wanderful day today we learned security measures it was vet interesting

  82. Jill says:

    Tuesday, 7th March 2017

    Terminology- what a way to start the day! So many wonderful terms and descriptions to remember and to enhance our understanding of various menus we may have to prepare and/ or serve.
    I really did enjoy our Security lecture today. Very informative, interesting and many essential points were raised. Very specific to the role of a Butler.
    We learn so much at the Butler Mansion and no day is the same! This has been an amazing learning experience for me. Thank you to the amazing staff at the Academy.

  83. Ane' says:

    7 March 2017 Student Blog

    Today was yet another eye-opener as we had almost a full day’s traing on Security and Risk Management…so many “little” things that can turn events into disasters! I am so grateful for this day.
    I feel all the more proud of my SABA education!

  84. Reinhart says:

    08 March 2017

    It has been the most fabulous week!

    On Monday, we went to the fabulous Creation Wines for a terrific wine and food pairing! Afterwards, we had a blast at Hamilton-Russel, and headed back to the Butler Mansion.

    On Tuesday, I had a wonderful interview
    To work on Seabourn Cruise Lines, and will be hearing about that on Friday.
    We also had a great day learning about security awareness.

    And then today…
    Eggs eggs eggs!
    We learn to make the famous Eggs Benedict breakfast from scratch, and had a fabulous class on interviews, languages, geography, cultivars, and being a butler.

    This is one fabulous week! Thank you Mr. Cross and Mr. West!

  85. Jill says:

    Wednesday, 8th March 2017
    Today I made my first Eggs Benedict. A little practice is required on the Hollandaise sauce, however I am truly inspired as it is a very simple meal to make and now I know how to go about preparing it correctly.
    I also greatly appreciated the advice given on mistakes made during my ‘interview’. It is extremely important to be made aware of one’s mannerisms and potential mistakes before going in to an actual interview!

  86. Harry says:

    07 March 2017
    We had an amazing day as we learned all about security protocols, budgets of the household and to manage and control the budget and other household spending. We learned the importance of the security of the privacy of your employers and there assets! The amazing Mr Alhadeff gave us important security and safety training.

  87. Harry says:

    08 March 2017
    We had another amazing day as we learned languages, how to make the hollandaise sauce with eggs bennadicted, we learned more of the amazing caltivars and food pairing, we learned how to do a Skype interview, learned about the importance of a resume and of the hotel butler . The day was amazing and full of fun and a good experience

  88. Linnly says:

    We had a wonderful day today we learn a lot about terminology and turn down. wht a blessed day.

  89. maggie says:

    it was anothe amazing day at butler acadamy we learnt more of terminology types of folding the bed and turn down we learn wanderful things every single day

  90. Jill says:

    Thursday, 9th March 2017

    Another exciting day packed with learning. My head is bursting with Terminology, turn-downs, drawing baths and much more. I have learnt so much during my time at the Academy. Just when I think we have it all, there is more to discover!

  91. Harry says:

    8 th March 2017

    We had an amazing day as we learned more about the terminology and we learned the amazing way to do the turndown and how to drew a bath. I enjoy the amazing experience to learn new skills every day at the Butler Mansion and at the Academy and seeing my skills improve. Learning the terminology is exciting and full of knowledge.

  92. Jill says:

    Friday, 10th March 2017

    Today was an exciting examination day! Putting all our knowledge into practise, we completed a practical and a theory exam. I am still amazed at how rapidly this excellent course has passed by and how much invaluable information I have absorbed over these past few weeks. It has been such a privilege to be a part of this amazing course. Thank you South African Butler Academy.

  93. Linnly says:

    Yes yes yes, today it was amazing day when we had to set a table, one by one it was amazing seing tht all most evry one knew what to do. I enjoyed it

  94. Harry says:

    10 March 2017
    Today was an amazing day with amazing international butler exam done today and we did our practical table setup exam today. The experience was absolutely amazing and hard work for all of us. I feel excited about the final results as I believe I did amazingly in both exams thanks to the amazing teachers at the academy.

  95. Jill says:

    Monday, 13th March 2017

    We are almost at the end of this fantastic training. A busy week lies ahead, however it is also a week of wisdom! This afternoon I enjoyed a fabulous afternoon working at a corporate function. The variety of events I have been exposed to whilst being at the Academy is wonderful and I have truly appreciated being allowed to take part in these excellent events.

  96. Hughen says:

    Today 13 March 2017
    I can mark three events down under three different butler methods.
    I worked in private household environment doing a informal and formal dinner. I worked in a event orientated butler environment looking after key members and Today of all days I worked in a corporate butler environment where challenges are different because you have to work with the little they have in there office. However the sad reality is that there only 8 more day left of which you never get enough of learning new things and making excellent memories.

  97. Harry says:

    13 March 2017
    We had an amazing day today as we learned about petty cash records and how to make a petty cash record. We learned about the amazing use of power point and how to make the different slides. We also made the most amazing delicious food today that was yellow tail fish. The amazing combination of vegetables and herbs that we used in the fish was just wonderful and delightful. We also did our terminology exam today. The day was just amazing and full of surprises.

  98. Jill says:

    Tuesday, 14 March 2017

    We covered so many exciting areas today – we learnt how to make a delicious omelette, outstanding spaghetti carbonara and healthy smoothies. I particularly enjoyed making the fizz balls and bath salts for a luxurious pampering bathtime. That was only our morning. I am learning an amazing amount of information!!

  99. Ane' says:

    Monday 13 March 2017
    Today was an exciting day for me as I had the privilddege to experience a day in the life of a corporate butler!
    It is an eye-opener to realize that the basics might stay the same, however there is still a fast difference between all the service fields of a Butler.

  100. Ane' says:

    14 March 2017
    Wow…what a “jam-packed day!”
    My head is still spinning!
    We literally ran a marathon in training today: A lovel walk into the nature trail; pettycash, spreadsheets, Cigars, Viticulture; We learned how to make Omlettes, Smoothies, Bath salts, fizz balls, Pasta Carbonara…and it didnt stop there!!

  101. Jill says:

    Wednesday, 15 March 2017

    Today was exceptionally busy and time flew! I learnt how to iron a shirt, trousers, pillow case, putting on a pillowcase correctly, sorting laundry, stain treating, loading a washing machine correctly, hanging shirts, how to do hospital corners, mixology, caviar presentation and tasting (a surprise treat). Oh and we all helped to make two delicious soups – a creamy citrus butternut soup and a mixed vegetable soup with a tasty bite. My head is so full today!

  102. Ane' says:

    15 March 2017
    To anyone reading this blog: Where were you today? You missed out on so much!!
    We learned about, dished and enjoyed the most delicious Beluga Caviar – it was a feast to behold!
    We learned about laundry, how to propperly look after and care for your hard working washing machine.
    We learned how to iron bedding, how to propperly make up a bed.
    The we had a cocktail bash! We made Martini’s and Bloody Marys’.
    Butternut soup was our recipy for today which tranformed lunch into a taste heaven!
    Spoil yourself and do this course. You will never regret it!
    Thank you Saba for giving us SO much!

  103. maggie says:

    another wanderful day at butler mansion we learnt a lot today we learnt how to make the hospital corner bed ,how to make mojito, bloody Mary how to make caviar how to ion, butter but soup and laundryit was very exciting day

  104. Jill says:

    Thursday March 16, 2017

    Our day began with an extremely informative visit to Hirsch’s appliance store. As butlers it is essential to know where we can shop for appliances, the accessories and any help we may need with them along the way. This is simply one of the finer details covered by SA Butler Academy. I really appreciate the care taken in teaching us so much about a vast array of topics. Thank you so much.

  105. Harry says:

    14th March 2017
    We learned so much and I’m not sure where to start the amazing day we had. We made amazing and delightful pasta cabanara, we made the perfect omelet then to the amazing Ane smoothies class and the home mad fizz balls from amazing Jill, thank you for that insight as I think it was absolutely amazing. We made home made bath salts that was just amazing with beautiful smells. The day was just amazing and full of fun to learn.

  106. Harry says:

    15th March 2017
    This day was just a fun and exciting busy and amazing day. we learned so much new things. Laundry service and how to was and hang the cloths, Made the most delicious butternut and vegetable soup. Learning the ironing techniques for trousers, shirts and pillow cases. Making beds and to get the amazing hospital corner on the beds, doing pre-wash on the cloths and we did also Mixology classes. The day was really busy and full of fun with amazing knowledge we learned for this day. Learning how to do the power point was just exciting.

  107. Harry says:

    16th March 2017
    we had another full day with more amazing learning at the Academy. Learning about the roll of the hotel butler. We went on an outing to Hirsch’s home appliance store and learning of the different amazing ovens and other appliances. We learned about the Au pair and nannies for households and their kids. We learned the amazing things a valet do and how roll pack and fold suits and rolling of cloths. We learned of personal finances and how to work on them. We did the 10 Butler signature services in a hotel or resort. Another amazing learning day.

  108. Hughen says:

    16 March 2017
    Today started with a spontaneous outing to hirsh South Africa number 1 independent appliance store where we went to go browse through some of the best appliances you would see in many households where you would work. However class was interesting there after. With the Do’s and dont’s regarding kids and some finance tips when you receive employment . Valet service was super interesting to see how to save bag space. Thank you SABA ?

  109. Jill says:

    Friday, 17 March 2017

    Our morning started off with a delightful surprise – a visit to a most magnificent mansion. As I am typing this I am still wondering about what it is like to work there and how everything comes together so seamlessly.
    Then it was back to our Mansion to prepare lunch, prepare for a visit from a special guest and finish off the day with a final exam.

  110. Harry says:

    17th March 2017
    Today was an amazing experience as we wheat to an exclusive house to see what real live butler work is all about. It was an amazing experience to see the ard work and dedication you have to put in as a butler! We wrote our final exam today and we had an exciting visitor today. Today was my last day as Head butler with emotional effects! We are almost done with our course with a big world waiting for us to join the ranks of the elite! Truly an amazing experience at the academy.

  111. Harry says:

    20 March 2017
    The day was amazing as we went to the V& A Waterfront and we learned all about brands and the luxury brands the households will have. The experience was amazing and to see and feel these brands. We learned so much things in this 2 months and I feel amazing with this knowledge.

  112. Jill says:

    Tuesday, 21 March 2017

    Today we began with our Terminology exam and then straight onto our final presentations. I cannot believe we are already at the end of training. We also had an amazing lesson in sushi-making. Thank you South African Butler Academy for making this lesson easy and a whole lot of fun!

  113. Ane' says:

    22 March 2017

    You cannot teach an old dog new tricks…guess again!!
    We were taught how to make sushi today…Sushi!!!
    Fresh, mouth watering sushi with alternative ideas for ingredients.
    I never tought I would be able to make it….not something that ever crossed my mind.
    Mr. Cross and Mr. West: you are legends!!
    Thank you once again for broadening our skill set and giving us an unforgetable day – yes, in spite of the heat!
    (The Mother City was relentless today with a scorching 36 degrees and not a breath of wind!)

  114. Harry says:

    21March 2017

    We had such an amazing day today I learned how to make sushi ! My ultimate favorite food! Wow who new it was so easy to make sushi. The experience is just mind blowing to learn all these new skills. Today we also did our project presentation today and it’s amazing to see how far we all have come. This course is just amazing and full of knowledge and excitement as everyday was a new experience for me personally. Thank you Mr Cross and Mr West and everyone at SABA for giving me this learning experience, I will take my new found knowledge with pride and use in my daily life and in my career. Thank you!

  115. Jill says:

    Wednesday, 22 March 2017

    The South African Butler Academy + Rhodes Memorial = Photo shoot. Thank you Mr Cross and Mr West for our morning’s photographic session. The pictures are awesome!

  116. Ane' says:

    22 March 2017

    This day marked such a proud moment…there are truly no words to describe it.
    It was the first time I visited Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town.
    It proved to be an iconic backdrop for our Graduation Photo Shoot.
    It is strange to think our time at the Academy is drawing near to the end.
    I honestly wish it never had to end.
    I enjoyed every single day with all its challenges.
    Tomorrow awaits our Graduation…I look forward to it with mixed feelings of pride, a sense of acomplishment and also a touch of sadness.
    The Butler Academy has truly been an adventure worth taking!!

  117. Jill says:

    Thursday, 23rd March 2017

    Graduation day dawned today with a feeling of happiness but also tinged with a little sadness as we reflected back on our past 2 months here at the Academy. Our graduation was a great success and an enormous amount of fun and laughter was had by all. Thank you again to our teachers, Mr Cross and Mr West, as well as the staff at the Academy for all of your guidance, support and unrelenting enthusiasm throughout!

  118. Ane' says:

    24 March 2017

    …Our last day…
    There was a strange kind of silence mixed with an under current of excitement between students today.
    4 of our students recieved confirmation of employment with a very reputable cruiseline. We started to put the Mansion back in order after Graduation day and it was lovely to hear everyone make jokes and being light hearted.
    After everything was done some students said goodbey…some simply dissapeared, unable to deal with the loss of our newly formed family-bond.

    I will personally miss every single student of our group.
    It was a priviledge to learn alongside you on this journey.
    Remember you are precious, unique and now a PROUD Saba Butler.
    Take us all with you on your journey and be the best you you can be!
    Your foundationhas now been laid in solid gold, build upon it a career that is worth it!
    From my heart: Love to every single one of you.

    To our Lecturers:
    Thank you does not even begin to describe the priviledge it has been.
    Thank you for not only teaching us, also to take us into your heart, for training our hearts and for transforming us into Ladies and Gentlemen.
    Thank you for all the special and memorable outings, tips, wisdom and advice.
    I will miss your splendid sense of humor!

    “Over and Out”

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