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Butler Course January 2018

By Butler Academy

Excellent Butler training underway at the international Butler school in Cape Town. Please enjoy and ready all our blogs from students who undergo Butler training.

234 Responses

  1. Ngira says:

    Good Day,
    Today I enjoy my training with Mr Cross. I did learn about personal hygiene as a butler and butler roots. It was amazing thank you Mr Cross

  2. Jacques Bouwer says:

    Date: 2 February 2018

    Today was one amazing day! We started the day with housekeeping and it was a lot of fun. We also had a barbeque today; ‘true butler-style barbeque’. I love this course so far. I am learning so much. It is impossible to think that you can learn so much in such a short time. I cannot believe how much I have changed in the past two weeks. Just imagine how we will be in the next 3 to 4 weeks. The friends that I have made is absolutely amazing. Thank you SABA. I salute you.

  3. Reuben botha says:

    Had a wonderfull day today with the amazing braai. I never knew a braai could look so classy

  4. Ruan says:

    Date: 02 February
    Butler training

    Today was an excellent day I had so much fun . The braai that we had was wonderful it was so lovely to eat proper South African food it reminded me of the family .

  5. Ruan says:

    Today was an amazing day at the butler academy. I have learned so my about hygiene and safety when cleanin and that hygiene is very important to a butler because it will effect your clients.

  6. Niki says:

    Good evening everybody today we had a wondeful day of learing Personle Hightrets and we had a lekker braai

  7. Eduan says:

    I learned a lot today and i enjoyed it. We learned a lot about personal hygiene, staying healthy and what it relay means to be a butler. We cleaned the classroom for and hour and a half but for me that is what I enjoyed the most. The braai was realy fun and the food was amazing.

  8. Jannie says:

    I have not felt this alive in years…! Thank you Mr Cross for the amazing way you train us with your incredible knowledge and unbelievable energy…! My fellow students thank you for the amazing support and working together as one team..!

  9. Allison says:

    Today was An Excellent day full of activities ! Each of us had a cleaning tasks to do, so our amazing Butler Academy is now perfectly neat !
    Thank you to everyone that make this wonderful Braai, it was the first time for me and it was delicious. I can’t wait for the next one !
    Amazing day !

  10. David says:

    I can’t believe that it’s only two weeks since I joined the amazing Butler Academy, the skills I have acquired in two weeks some people take years to practice. Thank you for the outstanding lectures you are ushering to us everyday Mr Cross.

  11. Dianne says:

    Date 02 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Today was amazing, 2 weeks of training and learnt so much. Feeling blessed to be trained by phenomenal Trainers. Thank you for a truly mouthwatering braai.

  12. Anton says:

    Made an amazing green salad with cream cheese and caviar at training today. It’s exciting and interesting every step of the way.

  13. Landré says:

    Today was an exceptional day. Everyone is getting better at implementing the skills taught in the last 2 weeks.
    Excited to see the growth in week 3!

  14. Mariëtte says:


    Unforgettable 2 weeks. I learned everday new terminology, how to clean the correct way and to set a stylus barbeque. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s SPA Day.

  15. Jacques S says:

    Like every day at the academy, today was exceptional. After housekeeping and higiene training we were treated to a braai, the way it should be done. Thank you Mr Cross and Mr Coetzer for another excellent day!

  16. Landré says:

    A butlers hands are his most valued possesion. Today we learnt how to take care of them the right way in order to serve guests confidently and professionally. Thank you to Ms Marais from ISA Carstens Academy for the informative and fun class today!

  17. Jacques S says:

    Today we had a fantastic day of pampering at the academy. Our guest speaker, Ms Marais gave us excellent training on nail care. Thank you for another great day.

  18. Ruan says:

    Date: 03 February
    Butler training

    Today was an excellent day . I had so much fun with the nail class , Ms Marais is a true teacher of nails . I felt like being pampered even though I did it myself it was a really nice experience to pamper myself . The buffer / shiner dit not really work with me and the reason for that is I can use my nails as a mirror . Everyday I learn something new .

  19. Ruan S says:

    Date 3 Feb 2018
    Butler academy
    Today was an amazing day i have learned how to do my nails and looking after my hands. The best part was doing my nails.

  20. Niki says:

    Date: 3 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Today was a wonderful day at SABA we had a lovely Spa day at the Mantson thank you Mr. Cross and Ms. Yolandi for making the day spesial for us

  21. Dianne says:

    Date 03 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Wow! Wonderful training on how to care for your nails at our phenomenal Butler Academy. Our hands and nails are an important part of being a Butler as we use them to serve our our guests confidently.

  22. David says:

    Another amazing day at the butler academy. Applause to our exec team for giving us manicure lessons for free. Thank you so much

  23. Jacques Bouwer says:

    Date 3 February 2018

    Butler Training

    Today was an excellent day. Thank you so much Ms. Marais for the great tips about taking care of our nails. Thank you to SABA for making this course so excited and amazing. Every day is different, I am learning so much.
    I wish this course can continue forever because I do not think that I will be able to say goodbye at the end. Thank you for a wonderful SPA day today.

  24. Allison says:

    Date : 4th February 2018

    Yesterday Was an exiting day, a lot of fun and beautiful nails ! Mrs Yolandis Marais did an amazing job teaching us all the details about manucure.
    Today was relaxing, we did some cleaning during the morning, and do the 15 roots project.

  25. Anton says:

    5 February
    the third week of the amazing Butler training at SABA
    Extremely excited to see the challenges for this week

  26. Reuben botha says:

    Date: 5 feb 2018
    Butler training

    Had an amazing day today learning about the different logos, table setting and the history of the butler. I am so glad i have this opportunity

  27. Dianne says:

    Date 05 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Another exhilarating day where Table setting was the order of the day. Plates, glasses, knife and forks etc, so much was learnt. Cannot wait to continue……

  28. Jacques Bouwer says:

    Date: 5 February 2018

    Butler Training

    And the third week has arrived. Today was one amazing day. I have learned so much about table setting. It was extremely interesting. Thank you Mr. Cross. You are incredible. Thank you for the stories on the ‘history of the butler’. Cannot wait for tomorrow.

  29. Jacques S says:

    Today was a busy day at the mansion. We started with housekeeping, reviewed the history of butlers, learned about luxury lables, zoning and table settings. A fast paced, exciting day!

  30. Niki says:

    Date: 5 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Good evening everyone … today we had a magnificent day of Table setting. We learned al the diffrened ways to set the table e.g. Breakfast;Lunch;Dinner … Formale & The basicks it was wonderful to lear the right ways to do things so you know how it’s done

    Hope you Beatiful Butlers have a wonderful last hour of your day … ’till we meet again tomorrow and good luck for the ones that are working I hope for the best xx

  31. Ruan says:

    Date : 05 February 2018
    Butler training

    I had one excellent day I work at a very amazing event and I’ve learned so many things . The event really opened my mind . I had the opportunity to work at this event with amazing colleagues .

  32. Ruan S says:

    Date:4 feb
    Butler academy

    Today was a amazing day i have learned how to set a table for breakfast lunch and dinner what a amazing knowledge to know by the butler academy. I have learned so much logo that i did bot know of thank you Mr Cross

  33. Eduan says:

    Date: 5 February 2018

    We learned about the diffrent logos that we need to know about and we did table service and the diffent ways a table can be set. We learned about the the 10 fases of service. Its was a really long and hot day

  34. Landré says:

    Monday, 5 Feb:
    I worked at an exceptionally exclusive property. I had first hand practical experience to gain knowledge and implement skills learnt at the academy thus far.

    Tuesday, 6 Feb:
    We visited a household and experienced the life of a butler. What a great opportunity!

  35. Jacques S says:

    Another wonderful day at the academy…after housekeeping duties we were off to view a magnificent home….what a great experience! Absolute motivation for my future as a butler…. Thank you SABA for these great experiences!

  36. Allison says:

    Date : 7th Febuary 2018

    Monday was an incredible experience in a magnificent house. Landré and I was part of the groupe from 12 o’clock to 12 o’clock. We first did some housekeeping and then the dinner. The owner and the team was very nice !
    Yesterday we went for visiting an other incredible house ! The owner was not here how ever the head butler allowed us to visit every room of it !
    Thank you Mr Cross for giving us such amazing opportunities !

  37. Anton says:

    Wednesday 7Feb
    A beautiful morning at SABA with exciting training ahead today

  38. Reuben botha says:

    Date:2 feb 2018
    Butler training

    I had such an amazing day today going through some interview questions and I had such a fantastic time during my practical yesterday, thank you so much for allowing me to go.

  39. Dianne says:

    Date 07 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Another excellent day of training. Learnt valuable tips on how to do a Powerpoint presentation. Gained valuable skills working at an exclusive property, what an amazing oppertunity!

  40. Eduan says:

    Today was a realy long day and we where misding a few people witch left a hole in the class but we did a lot and learned a lot too.

  41. Jacques Bouwer says:

    Date: 7 February 2018

    Butler Training

    Today was an excellent day! We had a lot of fun with housekeeping this morning. Love our new ‘cleaning kit’. Cannot wait to work tomorrow at an amazing property. I am super excited.

  42. Mariëtte says:

    Butler training

    I love the practical environment during the Butler Training course.

  43. Ruan S says:

    Butler academy
    Date: 8 feb 2018
    Today was an excellent day i have learned how to makr flower and hiw to present them on a plate.

  44. Ngira says:

    Today it was amazing day with mabel floral. Thank you Mr Cross to organize such a beautiful lesson

  45. Dianne says:

    Date 08 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Thank you Miss Mabel from Mabel M Florals for an amazing flower class. The wonderful tips shared will certainly assist us going forward. Your floral arrangements was incredibly beautiful.

  46. Dianne says:

    Date 08 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Thank you Miss Mabel from Mabel M Florals for an amazing flower class. The wonderful tips shared will certainly assist us going forward. Your floral arrangements was incredibly beautiful. Your class was fantastic!

  47. Eduan says:

    Today I had a realy fun day. It was a little diffrent from the rest of the classes day because I was chosen to support the academy at a career day at Jan Van Rebeek high school. I informed them what a butler is all about and told them many other things about the school and butlers.

  48. Ruan says:

    Date : 08 February 2018
    Butler training

    Today was one fabulous class Ms Mable is a true green thumb . Her flower creations is from another world it’s so unique and beautiful . I truly learned a lot .

  49. Mariëtte says:

    TODAY I felt like Alice in Wonderland between all the beautiful flowers. Thank you Mabel for the adventure.

  50. Reuben botha says:

    Date:8 feb 2018
    Butler training

    Today had a fascinating class about flowers i just wanna thank mis Mabel for her amaxing lesson.

  51. David says:

    Our Exec team is never short of surprises, today we were surprised by a world reknown flourists from Mabel M Flourals to give a lecture on table settings and flowers

  52. Jacques S says:

    Two fabulous days at the academy! Yesterday was spent working in a “real mansion” alongside a qualified butler…. An experience no money can buy!
    Today we got world class tutoring in floral design from passionate florist, Mable Maposa…two incredible days! Thank you, SABA

  53. Niki says:

    Date:8 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Good evening everyone today I went to The Space House and helped out there. We cleaned the rooms, bathrooms, steemed the glasses, serve drinks and food to the guests. I met all the lovely people working there. Jacques and I were partners we enjoyed the fun loving day allow it was shorter and we had 2 leave early.

  54. Allison says:

    Date : 9th Febuary 2018

    The last two days, Landré and I was working in a Penthouse on topodtheOne and Only Hotel !
    We had an incredible experience, we had to organise the whole house, cleaning and shopping.

  55. David says:

    Another spectacular day at the Butler Mansion has gone by ……. can’t wait for next week

  56. Ruan says:

    Date 09 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Today was an amazing class . I met wonderful people . I even learned how to make Cocktails and to be honest it wasn’t so difficult . I’m having the time of my life .

  57. Jacques S says:

    After line up, our day kicked off with housekeeping and preparation for a visit from some special guests to the mansion. We had a terminology class from Mr. Botes and then it was preparation time for a beautiful cocktail party. It was a long, however exhilarating day. I’m enjoying the thrill of service… Thank you to the SABA trainers for these unforgettable moments.

  58. Landré says:

    The last 3 days have been an incredibly busy time with amazing practical experience!

  59. David says:

    Looking forward to be back at the academy on Monday with Mr Cross and his informative lectures……

  60. Jannie says:

    It was an amazing week filled with spectacular work and exciting challenges…thank you Mr Cross for your incredible energy…we appreciate it…!

  61. Eduan says:

    Date: 9 Feb 2018

    We had a cocktail party today and it was lot of fun. I was waitering the whole night clearing plates and take peoples cocktails to them. It was a long night but i got throught it, i was just realy tierd afterwards.

  62. Ruan says:

    Date: 11 February 2018
    Butler training

    I had an excellent day today . I catched up with sleep . I Washed and iron all my clothes . I also went to go buy myself some new black shoes at Green cross so my training will be much easier in my new shoes . Can’t wait for this weeks training .

  63. Reuben botha says:

    Date:12 feb 2018
    Butler training

    Had a wonderfull time on the breathtaking sojourn luxury yacht of seabourn never before have i seen something so beautiful.

  64. Ruan says:

    Date : 12 February 2018
    Butler training

    Today was one amazing day we went on the yachts of Seabourne “Sojourn” it was an experience that I will never forget the yacht was phenomenal .

  65. Landré says:

    Today we had the opportunity to visit the Yachts of Seabourn. What a wonderful experience to see!
    Afterwards we had class and once again never a dull moment with Mr Cross.

  66. Mariëtte says:


    What a privilege to go on the sophisticated Seabourn ship. Style, elegance, grace and more.

  67. Niki says:

    Date:12 February
    Butler Training

    Good evening everyone today was a unforgetting day. SABA Students went on boared Yates of Sea Bourn and saw how everthing is working. The ship is beatiful and the stuff is really friendly. Thank you Mr. Cross

  68. Jacques S says:

    Today we had the privilege to visit an incredible Seabourn Yacht. It was an amazing opportunity to view this majestic vessel. This afternoon we were taught about the process of wine making by the very enthusiastic Mr Cross. Another wonderful day at the academy.

  69. Dianne says:

    Date 12 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Today we visited the Yacht of Seabourn Sojourn. What an amazing experience!

  70. Ruan S says:

    Butler academy
    Date12 feb 2018
    Today was the best day we went on the yatch of seabourn it was so beautiful from the inside out i learned a lot of the yacht

  71. David says:

    It was quite a pleasure to be taken on board on the Yacht of Seabourne by Exec team . Thank you so much

  72. Jacques says:

    Date: 12 February 2018

    Butler Training

    Today was amazing! We had so much fun. My first time being on the Seabourn yacht. Loved it. Thank you Mr. Cross for a lovely day. Cannot believe that we’re in week 4 already.

  73. Jannie says:

    We a wonderful day on the Seaborne Sojourn…what a macnificent vessel…thank you Mr Martin for showing us around…!

  74. Allison says:

    Date : 13th of Febuary 2018

    This week end I had the chance to work a lot on my project.
    Yesterday we had the amazing opportunity to go on the Breath taking Seabourn Sojourn ! The Yacht is amazing and very luxurious. Thank you Mr Cross !

  75. Eduan says:

    Date: 12 Feb 2018

    We had the best time on the yacht of sea bourn. We got to see the yacht from the top to bottom and we went behind the scense where the crew lives. We learned so much today it was great.

  76. Ruan says:

    Date : 13 February 2018
    Butler training

    Today was one fabulous day we learned silver service and it was so much fun but also very difficult . However Practice , Practice and PRACTICE !!! They Salad that Mr Cross made was absolutely amazing . Thank you Mr Cross . I was so happy to see Mr West again I’ve missed him so much . Welcome back Mr West .

  77. David says:

    Another fabulous day at the academy and we were studying silver service

  78. Jacques S says:

    Our day started with lineup, a test and housekeeping. After teatime a few of the students presented their presentations on Royal Albert China. The afternoon was filled with laughter and concentration as we were taught silver service by Mr Cross…. Defnitley not an easy feat, however with practice, I’m sure we will master it soon!

  79. Allison says:

    Date : 13st Febuary 2018

    Today we did a amazing silver service training then we went shopping to make a wonderful class room for Valentin’s day.

  80. Dianne says:

    Date 13 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Awesome Silver Service Training was on today’s menu. As always, trained by only the best of the best, Mr Cross and the Executive Team.

  81. Niki says:

    Date: 13 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Good evening everbody today leared about silverwear and how we use it. Mr. Cross made the leasen fun by making a game out of it. We had a lovey suprise today Mr. West is back from over seas.

  82. Jannie says:

    WELCOME back Mr West…you were MISSED…!
    A huge thank you to Mrs Vincent for an excellect presentation of wine tasting and exposing us to Riedel glasses…!
    Another amazing day at the Butler Academy

  83. Jacques S says:

    Today Mr Cross showed us how to cook the perfect breakfast. He is a true master in the kitchen and I can’t wait to try some of the things he taught us. We had a very informative wine tasting from Mrs Vincent from Riedel stemware. Science taken to another level! Another amazing day at the academy.

  84. Ruan W says:

    Date : 14 February 2018
    Butler training

    Today was one long day however it was an amazing day I had the privilege to actually taste wine actual amazing wine glasses “Riedel glassware” , those glasses felt so delicate in my hands .

  85. Ruan says:

    Date : 14 February 2018
    Butler training

    Today was one long day however it was an amazing day I had the privilege to actually taste wine actual amazing wine glasses “Riedel glassware” , those glasses felt so delicate in my hands .

  86. Dianne says:

    Date 14 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Thank you Mrs Vincent for an absolute wonderful Riedel Glass experience. Truly extraordinary taste when drinking Champagne/Wine from a Riddle glass. Enjoyed your masterclass tremendously.

  87. Allison says:

    Date : 14th of Febuary

    Today was Valentine’s Day ! We did a Smashing cristal tasting, it was fabulous and I learn so many things !! Thank you Mrs Vincent for this moment of sharing everything with passion !

  88. Anton says:

    An exciting day with Riedel at the school.
    The science of glass and wine combined creates an awesome combination of smell taste and knowledge.
    Knowledge only shared through training at SABA.
    I feel blessed

  89. Jannie says:

    Yet another exciting day…today we went to Fairview and learned about cheese and wine pairing…wow…I was super imressed….!!! Then off to De Villiers Organic Single Origin Chocolate Tasting…Incredible…!!!
    Thank you to everbody involved in making this happen…?

  90. Mariëtte says:

    15 February 2018

    Butler Training

    After today, I will appreciate the taste of Wine and chocolates more. I learned so much about it. Don’t forget all the shopping and the delicious pizza’s.

  91. Dianne says:

    Date 15 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Phenomenal day at Fairview farm, wine and cheese pairing. Thereafter it was the De Villiers chocolate tasting. Great adventures, looking forward to next week!

  92. Jacques S says:

    This morning we went to Fairview for an wonderful cheese and wine tasting, followed by chocolate tasting at DeVilliers Chocolate. We were treated to an amazing lunch at Spice Route! The day was topped off with a practical exam at the butler mansion. SABA keeps amazing with brilliant training. The best choice I’ve ever made. Thank you to SABA executive team.

  93. Niki says:

    Date: 15 February
    Butler Training

    Today was AMAZING we had class for a whill the we when to Stellenbosch for so lovely wine and choclate tasting … #death.choclate
    We had wonderful lunch on one of the farms the we went back to the mandson

    Thank you very much Mr. Cross for this lovely advenser

  94. Ruan S says:

    Butler academy
    Date 15 February 2018
    Today was an amazing day we went to a wine farm and learned how its made and tasted the wine with some amazing cheese
    The chocolate we had was so delicious.

  95. Anton says:

    16 February
    Our midterm exams are happening today, the students are with different emotions including me, no one is sure, excitement passion commitment comest to mind.

  96. Eduan says:

    Date: 14 February 2018

    Today was valentins day!!! Landrè was head butler and he made the class all red for today with balloons, roses, chinese lanturns and every one got chocolates. Then a guest came from the Riedel glass manufacturers to let us taste how wine tastes in there glasses and it was amazing.

  97. Eduan says:

    Date: 15 Febraury 2018

    We went wine tasting today. It was nice but I think I still have to get use to wine and the different cheeses (lol). After the wine we went chocolate tasting. The chocolate was dark chocolate from different African countries. We learned so much about chocolate. After that we had Pizza and then we walk around and I found a diamond shop and a glass manufacturing shop where I can stand and watch how they make there different little statuses and stuff.

  98. Jannie says:

    An exciting day…napkin folding,barista training and after that an AMAZING lunch…thank you for everybody involved in the preparation…you created something very special…!!!!
    Mid term exams….?

  99. Eduan says:

    Date: 16 February 2018

    We had class today I learned different napkin folding techniques, I learned about espressos and for the first time in my life my could fold my own tie. We wrote exam today and it did not to to bad now I know what I don’t know.

  100. Ruan says:

    Date: 16 February 2018
    Butler training

    Today was one amazing and stressful day but yet fun . We wrote our Mid-term exam and I really enjoyed it . We also did some napkin folding and I learned how to tie a tie for the very first time .

  101. Anton says:

    16 February
    Wrote the midterm exams today after a beautiful traditional South African
    Pumpkin better than my moms.
    Halfway there.

  102. David says:

    I can’t believe already that we are on midterm this soon. It feels like we started the term yesterday

  103. Mariëtte says:

    16 February 2018

    Butler Training

    EXAM DAY. First time students are looking forward to their marks. New skills was teach today.

  104. Jacques S says:

    This morning we were taught how to knot the perfect tie by Miss Hunter, how to make the perfect espresso by Mr. Botes and how to fold the perfect napkin by Mr West… Perfection required as a Butler! After a delicious lunch cooked by Mr Cross it was time for our mid-term exam. Hard to believe we are half way through our course… Everyone has grown so much the past month, cannot wait to so how much growth is going to happen in the next month!

  105. Allison says:

    Date : 17th of Febuary 2018

    Thursday we went to a wine tasting, learned a lot ! It was amazing !
    Friday we had our middle exam, I cant’ wait to have the result !
    Today I was working a lot obviously my project

  106. Jannie says:

    What an amazing event at Oude Libertas…once again we learnt a lot…thank you Mr Cross….!

  107. Jacques S says:

    We had a wonderful evening providing Butler service to VIP guests at Oude Libertas, Stellenbosh. Thank you for an amazing experience.

  108. Ruan says:

    Date : 18 February 2018
    Butler training

    Today was one amazing day we had an event at oude libertas amphitheatre . The people where really nice people and very friendly they really enjoyed our services .

  109. Jacques S says:

    Today we had an amazing day. Early this morning the Butler Academy vehicle convoy set off for Hermanus. We stopped off at Creation, a beautiful wine farm, where we had a tour of the vineyards, learning about harvest and different varieties of grapes. Following the tour we were treated to a wonderful food and wine pairing – absolutely fantastic. After lunch we visited the world renowned Hamilton Russel Vineyards. A scenic drive took us back to the Butler mansion. Another wonderful day at the Academy. Thank you for another unforgettable memory.

  110. Mariëtte says:

    19 February 2018

    Butler Training

    What a lovely day. We visited exclusive wine farms and I learned so much about wine and food. Thank you for a VERY SPECIAL day (road trip included)

  111. David says:

    Another masterclass day of wine tasting , many thanks to our executive team and directors. No learning institution would do this for their students we really top of the range

  112. Niki says:

    Date: 19 February 2018
    Butler in Training

    Last night we helped out at a consered that was wonderful all thou we were a short whill there … Today we went to Hermanus for some delises wine and food compering tasting I enjoyed it alot tryed new food & wine Thank you very much Mr. Cross for the amazing outing today

  113. Ruan says:

    Date : 19 February 2018
    Butler training

    What an amazing experience we went to Creation and the Hamilton russel for some wine pairing . I’ve learned so much . The tasting and pairing of the wine and the food was phenomenal . Mr Cross you are one amazing person . I’m so grateful to experience this . Thank you so much

  114. Allison says:

    Date : 20 of Febuary 2018

    Yesterday was incredible, we had the chance to learn so much about wine and taste amazing food !
    The land and the view was breath taking !
    Thank you so much Mr Cross for this day out !

  115. Dianne says:

    Date 19 February 2018
    Butler Training

    What an awesome day at Hemel and Aarde Valley. Visited Creation and Russell Hamilton. Thank You to Stephanie and Chantelle respectively for your amazing presentations.

  116. Reuben botha says:

    Date: 19 feb 2018
    Butler training

    Had such a woderfull experience today at creation vineyards and the Russel Hamilton estate. Such picaresque locations.

  117. Pauline says:

    What an amazing day yesterday at the Creation wine and pairing in Hermanus and good presentation of Chardonnay and Pino noir at Hamilton Russell Vineyards.

  118. Landré says:

    Yesterday we had an amazing day learning about food and wine pairing and the process of making wine first handed from passionate people at Creation ib Hermanus. Loved it ib every way!

  119. Jannie says:

    What an amazing day we had yesterday…spending time at Creation…walking in the vineyard getting exposed to the different kinds of vines and grapes…thank you for making it possible Mr Cross…!!

  120. Ngira says:

    Good day, yesterday was amazing day of wine tasting.thank you Mr Cross for such an experience

  121. Eduan says:

    Date: 19 February 2018

    Today was the best. We tasted so much wine abd the food going with the wine was amazing and all of this was in the hema en aarde vally. I learned so much about wine and how its made.

  122. Ruan s says:

    Was a oitstanding day in class have done some terminology in class and some table service

  123. Jannie says:

    We had another amazing day at the academy filled with laughter and lectures on how to serve Mr Taylor in the proper way…thank you Mr West…!

  124. Reuben botha says:

    Date: 29 feb 2018
    Butler training

    Had such such an amazing day today revisiting a residence that i worked at and learning more of table service

  125. Dianne says:

    Date 20 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Another amazing day learning terminology and table setting. Thank you Mr West for sharing your knowledge!

  126. Mariëtte says:

    20 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Another amazing day. We viewed the most beautiful house in Clifton. And like always we enjoyed a delicious lunch. Thank you mr. Cross.

  127. Jacques S says:

    Today we got to visit an amazing residence followed by table service training. Another wonderful day at the academy!

  128. Ruan says:

    Date : 20 February 2018
    Butler training

    Today was an excellent day we went back to one of the most breathtaking houses where I had been before ( I worked at one of the events that took place there ) . Mr Cross and Mr Coetzer and to the entire team Thank you for putting so much love and effort into this Course it truly is “The time of my life” !!!

  129. Jacques says:

    Date: 21 February 2018

    Butler Training

    Cannot wait to see what we are going to learn today. I am also very excited for the function tonight.

  130. David says:

    Enjoyed doing some computer lessons with our principal

  131. Jacques S says:

    Today we received our test results and reviewed all the test questions with Mr Botes. After a delicious lunch we had table setting training, exel training and did housekeeping. Another day well spent.

  132. Dianne says:

    Date 21 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Wonderful day full of surprises awaited us today. Changing in 5 minutes from civilian clothes into Butler Uniform. Congratulations to Alison who was the winner!

  133. Mariëtte says:

    21 February 2017

    Butler training

    Tody we were teached new skills. Thanks for all the short cuts on the computer.

  134. Jannie says:

    A spectacular evening working at art gallery with an amazing team masterly managed by Mr West…thank you everybody…!!

  135. Jannie says:

    Todays highlight was certainly stepping on board a private yet…such an amazing experience…!!!!

  136. Niki says:

    Date: 22 February 2018

    Today we went to the airport to go and see how a pravite Jet looks. We had speed Interveiws that was funny and we got everything ready for tomorrow

  137. Niki says:

    Date: 22 February 2018

    Today we went to the airport to go and see how a pravite Jet looks. We had speed Interveiws that was funny

  138. Ruan s says:

    Today was one of my best days in the butler academy we went on an private jet and it was so amazing.

  139. David says:

    What an amazing highlight of being on board on a private jet .Thank you executive team

  140. Ruan says:

    Date :22 February 2018
    Butler training

    Today was one magnificent day we went to the airport to experience a private jet and how the layout is of a private jet . We also did some interviewing skills that was actually very fun and quite difficult however practice makes perfect .

  141. Mariëtte says:

    22 February 2018

    Butler training

    So much fun with our interviews. We learned how to be calm and to be ourselfs.

  142. Pauline says:

    We had an excellent day ,learning about how to present yourself on an interview though it was not easy however we learn everyday.

  143. Jacques S says:

    Today we had the privilege of going onboard a Learjet! The afternoon we covered interviews. Another exciting day at SABA.

  144. Dianne says:

    Date 22 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Wonderful day at the airport experiencing a private jet for the first time. Funtime with our interviews, great tips and laughs!

  145. Niki says:

    Date: 23 February 2018

    Today we leared how to have afternoon tea that was something diffrened. I enjoyed every sec. and every snack exspesly the choclate cake. Thank for everyone who made this day fun.

  146. Jannie says:

    Another busy and amazing day at academy…exams…hope everybody did extremely well…!!!!
    High tea was next…totally incredible experience…!

  147. Reuben botha says:

    Date: 23 februaru 2018
    Butler training

    Had suchba fun day today learning and experiencing the afternoon tea. I had alot of fun!

  148. Ruan says:

    Date : 23 February 2018
    Butler training

    Today was one fabulous day we did some proper afternoon tea . We also learned about most of the tea and it really was a very elegant afternoon and the reason for that is because I drank out of a proper real tea cup .

  149. Allison says:

    Date :

    Thursday we had the incredible opportunity to visit a private jet !
    We had to write again our exam on Friday and then we did tea training, we had an amazing time and learn a lot !

  150. Niki says:

    Date: 24 February 2018

    Today @ 14:00 a few of the Butlers including me worked at a Wedding tonight. We servered the guest drinks and a starter. I had so much fun tonight thank you everyone who worked with me at the wedding. Big thank you to Mr. West

  151. Eduan says:

    Date 20 Febraury 2018

    We learned some termanology today and we did some table setting it was fun

  152. Eduan says:

    Date: 21 February 2018

    We had a speed dressing class today, we had to get dressed as fast as we could. I also worked as functoin at an art gallery. We served some wine and food.

  153. Eduan says:

    22 February 2018

    We went on a jet today it was realy fun. We also did some interviews to help us in the future.

  154. Eduan says:

    23 February 2018

    We had an exam today and it went soso. We also did afternoon tea and I made some samon bread and we drank tea out of the Royal Albert Lady Hamilton tea set wich was amazing.

  155. Eduan says:

    24 February 2018

    It was an amazing saturday we worked at a wedding and the people I waitered for was the best ever

  156. Jacques S says:

    On Friday we had a wonderful day! We were taught about afternoon tea. We got to set tables and have a lavish tea…was a great learning experience and time to strengthen bonds with fellow students.

  157. Jannie says:

    Our day started with Culinary Terminology followed by some exciting house keeping…another amazing day at the butler academy…!!

  158. Jacques S says:

    We started the day by completing our culinary terminology. The rest of the day was spent learning about doing inventory through practical training. Bon Voyage to Mr Cross and Mr Coetzer who are off to share their knowledge in Vietnam.

  159. Landre says:

    26 Feb 2018:
    Had a wonderful day sharing our passion with Paarl Girls High School.

  160. Allison says:

    Date : 26 of Febuary 2018

    Yesterday was an amazing experience at a girl school ! We did some etiquette and protocol !

    Thank you Mr West !

  161. David says:

    Goodbye to our exec team that has left for Vietnam and when they are flying the flag high in Vietnam we will continue representing SABA at home

  162. Jacques Bouwer says:

    Date: 27 February 2018

    Butler Training

    Today was amazing. We learned how turndown service works, “the promises of sweet dreams”. However, we miss you a lot Mr. Cross and Mr. Coetzer. Enjoy the training oversea. Cannot believe we are already in week 6.

  163. Niki says:

    Date: 27 February 2018

    Today we repacked the store under the stairs and orgenased the pantrie. Mr. West showed as how to make pancakes, Bebotie and how to cut a onion correced.

  164. Jannie says:

    An amazing day at the butler academy…we were taught how to make bobotie…easy to make and super delicious…?
    We also did turn down service as well as getting our household organized…an incredible day…thank you Mr West…!

  165. Dianne says:

    Date: 26 February 2018
    Butler Training

    Had a wonderful day re-packing the storeroom. And learnt new terminology terms for the upcoming exams!

  166. Jacques S says:

    This morning we were taught how to organize a pantry and shown how to prepare bobotie. We were treated to a mouthwatering South African themed lunch. The afternoon was dedicated to making that perfect bed. Another wonderful day at the academy. Thank you, Mr West.

  167. Mariëtte says:

    26 February 2018


    Mr. Botes explained the terminology words and make it easier for me to understand.

  168. Mariëtte says:

    27 February 2018


    Today we have real South Africa Bobotie with yellow rice and raisons.
    Tonight I am looking forward to prepare my bed for sleep, by doing a “turn down” my bead. THANK you, mr Wes.

  169. David says:

    Exec team enjoy Vietnam while we enjoy South African dishes such as Bobotie however it’s business as usual with Mr West

  170. Ruan says:

    Date : 27 February 2018
    Butler training

    Today was an amazing day I learned how to make bobotie and I truly made mayonnaise for the first time and that was so fun . I also learned turndown and I really enjoyed that class .

  171. Allison says:

    Date : 27 of Febuary 2018

    During this busy day we learned a lot !
    Cleaning and make the house in order was the most important, everything has it’s place, second learn how to cut oignons (really handy) AND we had the opportunity to watch the different step to make a bobotie, classic South African dish simply AMAZING.
    Then was the time for bed turndown, name as “the promesses of sweet dream”, there is actually a lot to do to make the guest simple bed time, and detail of making turn down !

    Thank you !

  172. Ruan s says:

    Date 27 feb 2018
    Butler academy
    Today was the best day with Mr west becuase he shiwed me how to make bobotie
    And and turndown for sweet dream promise

  173. Niki says:

    Date: 1 Maart 2018

    Today we learned how so polish shoes and silwer wear. We also leared the diffrened ways to pack a suit case. Some of use packed the laste things away in the pantrie.

    One of the studens that is from Frans made use some mouthwatering tradisionle food and she also made some pancakes.

    Thank you

  174. Jannie says:

    Today we done cleaning brass,silver and shoes…!
    Alisson, thank you very much for an amazing lunch…we loved it…!!!

  175. Reuben botha says:

    Date:28 feb 2018
    Butler training

    Had such a great day today learning hiw to pack a suitcase, polish silver and polish shoes.

  176. Ruan says:

    Date 28 February 2018
    Butler training

    I had so much fun today . I learned so much we had shoe polishing class and silver polishing class and it was very interesting. I also learned how to fold clothes very neatly . Now all my clothes will look like perfection .

  177. Jacques S says:

    Today we learned so much! We learned how to clean shoes, silver, pewter and brass. After a delicious French themed lunch, cooked by Alison, our French student, we learned how to pack a suitcase. Before going home we continued the French theme by having wonderful crepes. A great day at the Academy.

  178. Anton says:

    Some excitement yet anxiousness as the Terminology exam is looming and coming up tomorrow.
    Everyone is communicating with adding terminology into their daily activities.
    It’s definitely fun to see the excitement arose nd class.

  179. David says:

    Everyone is buzzing in excitement after some silver polishing and suitcase packing lessons yesterday

  180. Pauline says:

    Here we go again at Butler Academy having a brilliant day learning on how to polish or clean silver,brass,copper,stainless and so on .Week 6 trying to put our house in order the Butler Mansion….well done fellow students for team work.

  181. Jannie says:

    Thank you everybody for an amazing day of table setting, serving as well as a lot of tests…thank you Mr West…!
    Colleen…you vegetarian dish was out of this world…!!!

  182. Jacques S says:

    This morning we were taught the art of being a hotel butler. The Taylor’s surprised us with a visit at lunch time and we enjoyed a wonderful vegetarian meal prepared by Colleen. After lunch we were trained in Food Hygiene Management. A great day at the butler mansion!

  183. Niki says:

    Date: 1 March 2018

    My apolegies for the incorrect date yesterday.

    Today Mr. Taylor and friends came to visit us so we had to set and move the tables around. We did a little practical and cleaning like every morning. Colleen, one of our students made a delicious vegetarian dish. Did a lot of revision and terminology.

  184. Anton says:

    Terminology exam today
    All the students are excited and before the exams we are visiting Simonsig on an outing

  185. Jannie says:

    What a wonderful experience at the BEAUTIFUL Simonsig….thank you Mr Denzel Swarts…for your time as well as the amazing toure…!!

  186. Jacques S says:

    Had a wonderful morning at Simonsig for a tasting and learned so much! It was very interesting. This afternoon we wrote our terminology exam, so sad to think our time at the academy is running out!

  187. Niki says:

    Date: 2 Maart 2018

    This morning we went for some lovey Champoin tasting @ Simonsig enjoyed it alot. We come back after and had some wonderful lunch made by Rumbie and Ms. Hunter. Later after lunch we wrote our termenaligie exsames and cleaned up after

  188. Mariëtte says:

    02 March 2018


    Another stunning journey to the Simonsig wine Estate. The first local winery to make sparkling wine using the Methode Cap Classique. Thank you again for an excellent day.

  189. Mariëtte says:

    03 March 2018


    Today we have an important guest at the Mansion. A very friendly and playful guest that keeps us very busy.

  190. Anton says:

    4 March
    Sunday was funday prepping with my team mate Pauline for out table exam Monday 5th March.
    Excited as usual.
    Can’t wait to see the other students creative challenges
    Best to all for tomorrow
    The diplomats are on their way.

  191. Niki says:

    Date: 5 March 2018

    Today we had our table exam it was fun to see how everyone set their tables according to their themes. I had ? halloween ? for my theme. One of my favourite days in this year. We also learened how to make sushi ( maki and calafornia rolls ) and had lovely self made sushi.

    Thank you very much Mr. West for a wonderful day !

  192. Jannie says:

    We hadvan amazing day at the butler academy…this morning we did our table setting practical exams…the tables looked absolutely incredible…!!!
    After that we were taught to make sushi…very exciting…!

  193. Mariëtte says:

    5 March 2018


    Table settting: working secretly and effectively . All students exceeded expectations with beautiful table settings and creativity.

  194. Allison says:

    Date : 5 March 2018

    Friday was an incredible experience ! We had the chance to visit Simonsig in Stellenbotch, and see how the Mcc was made and Litt on ! Then during the afternoon we did our Therminology exam !
    We had the result today just befor our table exam this morning, we all did well ! Than Mr West teach us how to make beautiful sushi, it was amazing even if the rice is really sticky !

    Thank you so much for making this course very fun !

  195. Reuben botha says:

    Date: 5th march 2018
    Butler training

    Had an amazing experience today presenting my table for the table exam and actually learning how to make sushi.

  196. Ruan says:

    Date: 05 March 2018
    Butler training

    Today was one amazing day . We did our table setting exam and it went excellent . My partner is just amazing without him I think we wouldn’t really do as well as we did . I also learned how to make Sushi the basics and I loved it . Thank you Mr West .

  197. Pauline says:

    Had a phenomenal day at Butler Academy ,learning how to make sushi.

  198. Ruan s says:

    Date 5MAR 2018
    Butler academy
    It was an amazing day at the butler academy we did our table exam and it was so fun and amazing.

  199. Ruan s says:

    Date 5MAR 2018
    Butler academy
    It was an amazing day at the butler academy we did our table exam and it was so fun and amazing.i have also learned how to make sushi with one of the best tutors at the butler academy.

  200. Jacques S says:

    Today was a busy day at the butler mansion. We started the day by learning how to unpack a suitcase followed by housekeeping. After another delicious lunch we spent the afternoon practicing our table service skills.

  201. Eduan says:

    Date 26 Febraury 2018

    We wrote a Terminology today and we did some inventory in the house

  202. Eduan says:

    Date 27 February 2018

    We made some bobotie, did some cleaning and learned how to do a turndown.

  203. Eduan says:

    Date 28 February 2018

    We learned about shoe polishing and silver polishing it was realy fun. We also learned how to fold cloths

  204. Dianne says:

    Date: 06 March 2018
    Butler Training

    Today was an excellent day at the Butler Mansion where we learnt how to unpack a suitcase. Also wonderful Silver Service practical training by Mr West

  205. Jannie says:

    The highlight for today was doing practical on serving our guest’s table as well as doing housekeeping…we enjoyed it a lot…thank you Mr West…!

  206. Mariëtte says:

    6 March 2018


    Practical table service. To do it, is another story. Thank you for this opportunity. Mr West made it so interested.

  207. Mariëtte says:

    7 March 2018


    Today is the big day. We are going to SHOP. Prado, Louis Vuitton and Cucci.

  208. Dianne says:

    Date: 07 March 2018
    Butler Training

    Today was full of excitement!! Shopped till we dropped at the V&A Waterfront.

  209. Jannie says:

    A wonderful day exploring our new suppliers at the Waterfront…!!!
    The highlight of the day having high tea with the amazing Allison at the Mount Nelson…thank you SABA for making this a reallity…!!!!

  210. Jacques S says:

    Today we had an amazing day. We visited the diamond museum followed by visits to luxury stores at the
    V&A Waterfront. Thank you, Mr West, we had a fantastic day.

  211. Mariëtte says:

    8 March 2018

    Training: We enjoyed yesterday, shopping at V&A Waterfront. Thank you mr. West. All the students are working on their assignment.

  212. Pauline says:

    Wonders of the Cloudbreak Yacht at Waterfront Cape Town. Us as Butlers we enjoyed the day shopping at V& A shopping mall

  213. Jannie says:

    A great day of exams…we are now getting close to the final curtain call…?
    Big preparations for the BIG clean tomorrow….the mansion is going to sparkle like a diamond….?

  214. Dianne says:

    Date: 08 March 2018
    Butler Training

    Lots of stress in the as we have exams this morning. Thank you Colleen for an awesome lunch today! It was fabulicious.

  215. Jacques S says:

    Today we wrote our international butler exam..the afternoon was spent preparing for our “big clean” tomorrow.

  216. David says:

    Had a lovely day and a lesson about chauffeuring

  217. Jannie says:

    Putting into practice what we have learned over the past 7 weeks today…wow…thank you Mr West, it was an incredible day…!!!

  218. Jacques S says:

    We had a day of deep cleaning today…. Was great as students bonded with each other over steaming glasses and polishing silver. A lovely day, yet sad, thinking our last week at the academy is ahead of us…. How time has flown, an unforgettable, amazing two months!

  219. Mariëtte says:

    08 March


    We are writing the International Butler exam today.

  220. Mariëtte says:

    09 March 2018


    Yesterday afternoon we learned about chauffeuring. Today we are going to practcal deep cleaning at the Mansion.

  221. Mariëtte says:

    10 March 2018


    Begin this day with a delicious breakfast. After that I went for shopping and loved it.

  222. Anton says:

    12 March
    Final exams today
    We are handing in our assignments plus our handwritten recipe books
    Wishing everyone good results

  223. Jannie says:

    Welcome back Mr Cross….we all missed you…!!
    It was final exam today…hope everybody did very well….?

  224. Dianne says:

    Date: 12 March 2018
    Butler Training

    Welcome back Mr Cross and Mr Coetzer!! Today was our final written examination. What a great start to an emotional last week at the Butler Academy.

  225. Jacques S says:

    It’s difficult to believe our last week at the academy has arrived. What an incredible journey it has been! Today we wrote our final exam…an emotional day, but I’m sure the beginning of a wonderful last week!

  226. Jannie says:

    A very exciting day doing graduation photoshoot at Rhodes Memorial…thank you Miss Anne…always so wonderful to work with you…!!!

  227. Mariëtte says:

    12 March 2018


    VIP’s arrived today. Welcome back mr Cross and mr Coetzer. The heartbeat of the course.

  228. Mariëtte says:

    13 March 2018


    What a Beautiful cool day, at the Rhodes memorial. Taking lovely photos of the most adorable group. This afternoon we did an amazing stressful practical exam. Thank you to the executive committee for the BIG SURPRISE.

  229. Jacques S says:

    Another beautiful day, filled with emotion, at the academy as we did our last line up and graduation foto shoot at Rhodes Memorial. It’s hard to believe that our time at the academy is drawing to an end.

  230. Jacques S says:

    Today we did our final presentations. It was amazing to see how each students confidence has grown over the past eight weeks. Time is running out way too fast! This afternoon we had a wonderful caviar tasting and a lesson on cigars.

  231. Jannie says:

    Congratulations to each and everyone for achieving excellences…I am very proud to be part of Butler Course January 2018…well done….!!!!!!

  232. Jacques S says:

    The end of a great journey, the beginning of a great future! What an incredible eight weeks it’s been! Thank you to Mr Cross, Mr West, Mr Coetzer, Mr Botes, Mrs Wiese and Miss Hunter… It’s been incredible and you have been wonderful! Thank you for the most incredible, life changing eight weeks of my life! To my fellow students, you’ve all been amazing and wish you all best of luck! Thank you!

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