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Silver Cleaning at the Butler Academy

By Butler Academy

Yes, as a Butler you are in control of the Silver! I personally believe that silver in a household is the one item which shows that the Butler is doing an excellent job! Silver should be shiny and well maintained, the correct product should be used and above all the ...

Butler Training Tips

By Butler Academy

First impressions are lasting impressions - You have 5/7 seconds to make an excellent first impression;   Always makes an “excellent” first impression Always be presentable  Be polite Never use slang words Correct etiquette at all times Correct Demeanour Always greet everyone Never say “no” always yes or an alternative Never be late – for anything! Always use the word “ ...

Week 4 – Excellent week

By SABA Student

What an Excellent week at the Academy. Thank you Mr Cross, Mr West and all the teachers at viagra sans ordonnance SABA for an Excellent week. This week was really so exiting and we have learn so much and did so much. I am looking forward to the 4 ...

Yacht Butler – Friday 16th November 2012

By SABA Student

It was a lovely day at the Butler Academy today. We learned about being a Yacht  Butler and specially seeing the huge yachts that are sailing the seas at present and the the history of the Onassis Yacht.   Regards Ernest Nolte

What a wonderfull day at SABA!

By SABA Student

What an exellent day at the Academy today. I big thank you to Mr Cross and staff for the lovely outing going to Table Mountain. This was so beautiful, excellent and the magnificent wiew from up there was just so amazing. Thank you very much this we will take forever ...

Butler Academy on Table Mountain

By Butler Academy

The Butler Academy endures a wonderfull climb up Table Mountain. Did you know that Table Mountain is one of the 7 wonders of the world?   The main feature of Table Mountain is the level plateau approximately 3 kilometres (2 mi) from side to side, edged by impressive cliffs. The plateau, flanked by ...

What is Jain Vegetarian?

By SABA Student

What is Jain Vegetarian? Jainism is actually a religion, but part of this religion is being a strict vegetarian. This type of vegetarian is called a Jain vegetarian, that takes what they eat quite seriously, they a very spiritual people. Vegetarians that only will eat that plants which is not been injured harmed or ...

Butler Training Week 4, Tuesday 13th November ’12

By SABA Student

So much to do here ohnerezeptfreikauf in london at SABA as we strive to become Butlers par excellence!  With the intensity of Mr Cross'  lectures and the very practical approach, we are steadily getting there!  Four and half more weeks to go.... Derek (Head Butler/Tuesday)

Todays experience: 8 November 2012 – Ernest

By SABA Student

Today was such a great experience at the Butler Academy. I learn so much and Mr Cross does it in such a professional way. I am looking forward to the next  five weeks!   Thank You SABA!!

Hotel Butler Training – Regent Bali

By Adriaan Coetzer

The South African Butler Academy is proud to announce our successful Hotel Butler Training program at the Regent Bali - Resort. The Butler Academy has been part of the exciting opening of the Regent Bali - Opening Team for 2013. The Regent is an exclusive resort who focusses on true ...