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Etiquette at the Butler Academy

By Butler Academy

Butler Etiquette is fundamental! As a professional Butler you need to show off your etiquette skills. Here are some of our training topics which  the Academy includes in our extensive training program.   Have you ever met someone that has the ability to navigate a room full of people with effortless ease while ...

Table Etiquette – Butler Training

By Butler Academy

TABLE  ETIQUETTE   Etiquette, the term for rules, which apply to social interaction, is an ever-evolving framework into which the majority of social activities fit and which may be called upon as a source of reference.   The dramatic changes, which have taken place during the last century, have made deep impressions on many ...

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Asia Butler Training & Butler Service

By Butler Academy

Asia Butler Training & Butler Service ,   The South African Butler Academy provides exclusive Hotel Butler Training  in Asia, Europe, America and Africa.   The Butler Academy provides market leading initiatives which encompasses:    Consistently being abreast of new and merging developments and trends within the hospitality industry, thus ensuring that we are ahead of ...