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The South African Butler Academy team is carefully chosen by The South African Butler Academy Executive Committee for many reasons due to their individualism and excellent skills. Training and Teaching is extremely important to us. Our team has over 14 years experience in the field, Mr. Cross works actively in the private sector, training hotels across the world and teach residential butlers at the Academy.  All instructors have been in private service for many years and/or held positions in esteemed households or corporations. Please note all our instructors and Guild Recruitment International are actively working everyday, therefor we invite you to connect or email at anytime. We are the only school in the world offering a ten week butler course with a comprehensive written syllabus as well as electronic online program that provides a framework and standard for all of our instructors to follow.

Newton Cross

Principal & International Hotel / Residential Butler Trainer

“I love pro-activity and attention to detail, passion is everything”

Adriaan Coetzer

President of Guild Recruitment International

“as no time is to late, nor any task to great”

Braam West

Operational Manager of the South African Butler Academy and Butler Trainer

“never give up”

Elize Wiese

Recruitment Officer of Guild Recruitment International and Etiquette Trainer

“stand up, shake hands, be polite and say thank you”

Josh Budler

Head Butler & Assistant

“create your own sunshine”

The SABA Team

Mrs Wiese, Mr Coetzer, Mr Cross, Mr West and Mr Budler

"together everyone achieves more"