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The Butler Academy is the best in the world, Employment & Training!

By Butler Academy

We, the dedicated team at the South African Butler Academy pride ourselves on being leaders in our field as service excellence is our passion.


At the Butler Academy, we strive to educate, prepare and coach students to become the best that they can be, not only as consummate professionals but also in their personal capacity.


The full-time, hands on program at the Academy has been extended to 10 weeks to ensure the individual enhancement and overall results of each graduate.


The Academy is founded on the beliefs that with commitment and passion, the technical skills we provide coupled with cutting edge technology, we turn students into superior residential managers, highly qualified to work anywhere in the world as this qualification is internationally recognised.


This we call the “True Art of Service.”


Not only does The Butler Academy provide product knowledge that goes hand in hand with the traditional skills needed for the demands of a modern international household, we provide employment for students who wish to apply for positions to enter the private service professions after graduation.  With new modules such as: “Job shadowing” and master wine classes on some of the wold’s best wine estates, the value of this course is unrivalled.


Immerse yourself in an environment of elegance, grace and refinement. A dynamic career in the pursuit of excellence that will take you places you could previously only have dreamt about.


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