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The “Butler” Interesting facts!

By Butler Academy



The Butler is the Chief Servant of the household.  He or she (yes, there are female Butlers) supervises other employees, receives guests and directs the serving of meals.


Today’s Butlers often act as Personal Assistants, Lifestyle Managers and they travel with the employers around the world, take care of the agenda, do bookkeeping and much more.




The Butler title originally applied to the person who had charge of the wine cellar and dispensed liquors, the name being derived from Middle English bottler (and various other forms), and back further from old French bouteillier, “bottle bearer”. This is derived from the Latin word “buticula” meaning bottle.



In the European Middle Ages it meant precisely this; bottle bearer, but in time it came to mean an official of the crown, who nominally had charge of the wine but who in fact was the person of high rank, having different duties in different countries at different times.



What springs to mind when hearing the word ‘Butler’ is Great Britain, or rather, England?  Although manservants have been employed all over the world as long as one cares to remember, it was the British Butler who transformed this profession into a form of art and thus became the standard in this field.



A British Butler was authoritative, witty, snobbish, discreet and intelligent.  He was respected and feared, even by his employer.  He knew all about etiquette, food, drink, sterling silver and glassware.  He knew about literature, opera, and history.  And if he didn’t, he cunningly pretended he did.



Of course, this is a fictitious Butler.  A useful character to have in books and movies.  The one who had always ‘dunnit’, or at least knew who had.

(please note the above information has been retrieved from the Butlers Compendium Copyright protected)

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