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    South African Butler Academy Training


    The South African Butler Academy is a unique Butler Training institute which offers Butler Training to individuals who want to start a new career as Professional Butlers / Household Managers and Personal Assistants. World class material written by Butler experts, who are not only experienced in the field, but also have training skills, aids in mastering the art of true Butler Service.


    SABA – South African Butler Academy – is World renowned for our modern approach to Butler Service in private households, resorts, exclusive yachts and passenger liners. Our training material is sourced Worldwide, but customized for our own unique requirements and standards. SABA standards are above the expected International norm.


    At SABA you will undergo an eight week intensive training program which is not only focused on skills, but also on interpersonal relationship management skills within the sophisticated environment of Butlers. The Training Course is based on “Role Play” and Theoretical Training which is the foundation for all butlers. The personalities, challenges and situations we created for our students are to simulate, and give you the experience of a real household. The reality is  97% of our students graduate with excellent results and 90% end up in rewarding positions provided by the Butler Academy or sources by the candidate themselves or other parts of the world!


    butler service


    We do require all applicants to be aware that the SABA Butler Training program is based on both solid theoretical and practical Butler skills. At SABA our trainers express experiential training.


    All students who attended the SABA Butler training program have consistently given positive feedback on the successful outcome in their new work environment. The Key is to be the best in your new employment weather you are working on a yacht, estate or a diplomatic home – you are a SABA Butler “unique” and the best in the world!


    The  Butler Academy is a unique and exclusive Butler School. We are proud to have a legacy in the market as our clients are kept confidential and above all “disclosure” is our highest priority.The Butler Academy is evidently proud that some of the world’s wealthiest families and businesses, as well as five-star hotels and resorts,  source Butlers from the Academy.


    On campus, we have an unique recruitment service dedicated only to the procurement of Butler Service in South Africa and Internationally called “Guild Recruitment”. Once you have obtained the SABA certificate, it will ensure not only yourself, but your prospective client of the highest standards of Butler service.


    Camps Bay to the vibrant V&A Waterfront, Cape Town City centre and the award winning wine farms of Stellenbosch and Franschoek – time spent in Cape Town will not be forgotten least to say your time at SABA will be remembered for eternity!


    The South African Butler Academy Campus


    The South African Climate is exceptionally well received by all our foreign students and local. Welcome to Cape Town – a city with a diverse range of attractions, sights and activities to offer. From lavish and luxurious to back-packing on a budget, Cape Town has something for everyone. From the landmark beaches of Clifton and Camps Bay to the vibrant V&A Waterfront, Cape Town City centre and the award winning wine farms of Stellenbosch and Franschoek – time spent in Cape Town will not be forgotten least to say your Time at SABA will be remembered for Eternity!


    Butler Service


    Butler  Training Program & Curriculum


    SABA Unit Standards include:


    Master Valet / Silver Service / Table Service / Etiquette & Protocol / Executive Housekeeping / Culinary Training / Household Management / Caviar Service / Hotel Butler / Jet Butler / Yacht Butler / Estate Management / Security Awareness  / Home Automation / Interpersonal Management Skills / Butlers Office / Butlers Pantry / World of Travel / High Tech & Chauffeur   Training / Butler Administration / Laundry Management / Special Areas of Expertise / Wine Service / Personal Grooming (new*)  / Role of the Butler within the Hotel / Attention to Detail / Hotel Service SOP / How to create the correct image / Personal Assistant / Au Pair Skills / Pet Care / Food Hygiene Management  SABA Unit Standards



    Please note the above is Copyright protected, we are the only school in South Africa who offers Butler training in a 8 week capacity. Our Butler trainers work in “real life” homes across Cape Town who teach and mentor you as a SABA Student. ©


    Click on the Butler Brochure link below:

    Butler Service

    Specialised Hotel / Resort Butler Training

    The South African Butler Academy offers a variety of specialized training services (programs) from Hotel Butler Training to Resort Butler Training to Private Household Training and Commercial Yacht Steward Training. The opportunity to advance your exciting employee`s skill by enhancing the individuals performance is our key training focal point. The South African Butler Academy offers an array of options to clients but, above all we tailor your specific needs into our modules. With many years of experience in the field of onsite training and Butler Training we are a proud service provider. We pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients an elite & exclusive service.

    The Butler Academy is the most exclusive privatized facility offering training in most five start establishments around the world and placing many that we have trained at these exclusive establishments. The giver is the Butler and the receiver is the Guest. The connection between the two is of the utmost importance, the part which most establishments struggle with. Service is more than meeting the clients’ expectations… it is your Demeanor, Style, Passion, Service Delivery and Technical Skills!

    Guesthouses, Jet Butler and Luxury Ocean Liners

    The South African Butler Academy is a household name in South Africa and Europe when it comes to Guesthouse (boutique hotel) and Passenger (yacht) training. Newton Cross, the principal of the Academy, is one of the most experienced passenger liner Butlers to date. As proven in his long career in serving the world’s most famous guests and business families on the Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth 2.

    Our modules include the following:

    • Etiquette and Protocol
    • Meeting the guests expectations
    • Silver Service & Wine service
    • Caviar Service
    • Table Service
    • Valet Service
    • Butlers Pantry
    • Pursers office training
    • Room Service includes rooming and Housekeeping
    • Telephone Etiquette
    • Special Areas of Expertise includes; Cigars, Teas , Chocolates, Cheese and Needle (sewing) Skills
    • Social Skills ,Personal skills, Public Speaking and Boundaries
    • STCW, Life at Sea , Safety and Specialized Yacht , Steward Training, Aviation Services

    Cost: The South African Butler Academy will send you a proposal for training requirements, please contact SABA.

    Duration: Training Times and Schedules will be matched with your establishment in conjunction with the Academy`s availability. Our Trainers travel throughout the year therefore booking in advance is exceptionally important.

    Newton Cross – Principal


    Newton Cross
    Newton Hilton Cross is the Principal of the South African Butler Academy ( SABA ) and serves as the founding member of the South African Butler Academy with Mr. Adriaan Coetzer both which are directors of the South African Butlers Guild. With over 11 years of experience in the private sector and commercial Butler sector Newton Cross is one of South Africa`s youngest celebrity Butlers.Clients whom Mr. Cross worked for are Old Press. Nelson Mandela, Tiger Woods, Shania Twain, Michael Schumacher, Pres Clinton, Pres Bush, Pres. Thabo Mbeki and Actress Uma Thurman. With his extensive resume Newton Cross has travelled the world obtaining international Butler experience and trained in England as a professional Butler.


    Adriaan Coetzer – Guild Recruitment



    Born in Stellenbosch – Cape Town is the Principal of “Guild Recruitment” International VIP Recruiter. Guild Recruitment is a Vital element in the Butler Academy as he deals with Placements from across the World on a daily basis. His hard work has paid off significantly with a placement success rate of 94.8%.

    The South African Butler Academy partners with The Guild Recruitment who specializes only in Butler Recruitment locally and internationally. Mr. Adriaan Coetzer owner and Head Recruiter for Guild Recruitment has several achievements in placing butlers with Royal Families, VIP clientele, Executive Business clients, Ministers, Presidents, Hotels, Resorts, Jets, Private Yachts, Cruise Liners and Rail Butlers. His task is the greatest as he deals with our elite Clientele every day!

    Elize Wiese – Butler Trainer & Etiquette Master Class Director


    During Elize Wiese`s  experience includes 15 years as training manager at a world class company, which is considered the finest in the trade in South Africa. She is certified as a hospitality and management trainer who holds  a MBA – Master in Business Administration. At The Butler Academy Mrs. Wiese teaches Butling plus Etiquette & Protocol. The art is restored by the teaching methods of Mrs. Wiese`s unique technique and years of experience in the hospitality field.


    Abraham van der Westhuizen – Operational Manager, Butler Trainer Class Guardian


    Born in Limpopo province , South Africa – Mr. van der Westhuizen is the Butler Academy Student Guardian. Mr. van der Westhuizen qualified as a professional Butler in 2000 and is active in the Butler profession to date. With exceptional practical ability Mr. van der Westhuizen combines both his Butler profession with life style management in celebrating service.

    Leon Alhadeff – External Consultant at South African Butler Academy


    Mr. Alhadeff offers risk management training and support to our SABA Butlers, his classes are the most anticipated of all during each course. Mr. Alhadeff is the owner of Global Intelligence.GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE is an established private commercial intelligence gathering, risk management and investigative support services agency. We provide covert intelligence, risk management, security clearances and investigative support service capabilities to local, national and international corporate, private companies, law enforcement and private clients of distinction.


    Dirk Van Zyl – Business Entrepreneur High Tech Valet Trainer


    Mr. Van Zyl is a top caliber “High Tech” Trainer and close business acquaintance to the South African Butler Academy. Mr. Van Zyl holds a Masters degree in science at Stellenbosch University B.Sc (Hons) M.Sc Ph.D Mr.Van Zyl is person who have tons of energy in our environment, always demonstrating positive attitude and a person who always supported his team. Every student who undergoes training at SABA receives a vital technology awareness platform on completion of this module. Technology and Science is a key element in Butler Training.


    Mikhael Bou Rjeily – Barista Trainer


    First runner up – National Barista Championship 2012 in South Africa,Winner of Best Cappuccino Award in South Africa 2011 & 2012
    Winner of Best Technical Performance Award – National Barista Championship 2012,Winner of Best Espresso & Best Cappuccino Award – Western Cape Barista Championship 2011 & 2012, 3rd position – Western Cape Barista Championship 2012
    First runner up – Western Cape Barista Championship 2011, 3rd position – 2006 National Barista Championship in Lebanon


    Carl Habel – Sommelier


    Top 20 nomination – Eat Out. Top 10 Places to Eat – Fleur Du Cap. Diamond Award – Diners Club (Only non-conventional layout to achieve this). Fine Dining Award – American Express. Cape Cuisine Cook Off, Hosted by Great Grapes – Rudi Liebenberg and I won all 3 categories which included “Best Dish”, “Best Wine” and “Best Pairing”.

    Abraham Oni  –  Africa Representative for South African Butler Academy


    Abraham is a graduate of The Butler Academy. Abraham has experience in top hotels such as the Orient Express Group Mount Nelson. He shares with our students his knowledge about working with VIP Clientele and above all adds exceptional value to our  School.


    South African Butler Academy Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Do you Guarantee a Placement after the Butler Course?

    A: We provide employment to any candidate fit for the Butler Trade. The South African Butler Academy comprises of the Guild Recruitment who receives exclusive employment which we offer to all our SABA Butlers. However we do not Guarantee any placements as we believe in a excellent track record and high standards of service thus you are more than welcome to connect with past SABA butlers who are currently employed across the world. As employment is one of the other major wings of the South African Butler Academy we are more than pleased with our placement rate to date.

    Q: Will I be able to cope with modern Butlering Requirements?

    A: At SABA we are focused on Experiential learning, providing you with the necessary modern butler tools of the trade. Today the Butler is the alpha and omega to any client. Therefore it is vital to have basic knowledge of life and act as a quick thinker. “No time is to late and no task to great” is our philosophy. The answer is Yes what is the question? At SABA our Course is based on 8 elements of Service skill and inclusive of Interpersonal Relationship management; completing these elements successfully will give you the skill to cope with modern day butlering requirements.

    Q: Is SABA and Accredited Academy

    A: No, SABA is not accredited by the South African Service Training THETA / SETA, we wish not to prolong our training course over an extensive period. Further more our standards are different to that of the requirements by SETA. We are unique, leaders in our field and focused on the Butlers personal relationship management skill in the work place. We are a private institution and do not offer Bursaries.

    Q: Is Butlering a Lucrative job?

    A: Yes, depends on the employer and yourself. Many employment opportunities which we receive at SABA includes medical , cell phone, vehicles and Accommodation. We have noted some salaries to be absolutely amazing but, it entire depends on yourself? Once you have decided what type of Butler you want to be you can choose between ; Private Hotel Penthouse / Resort Butler, Private Estate Butler, Yacht Butler / Steward, Luxury Cruise Liners and Luxury Jet Butlers . The List will give you and indication of the superior options you have at the Academy.



    Global Intelligence – at the South African Butler Academy we prefer to equip ourselves with the best of the industry, Global – Intelligence is simply the best company who walks hand in hand with our Recruitment offices and our butlers. Mr. Alhadeff offers risk management training and support to our SABA Butlers and the Academy, all our screening prior to the course is done by Global- Intelligence.

    Louis Vuitton is the leader in luxury. The Butler Students are welcomed by Louis Vuitton in the V&A Waterfront for a Demonstration in Luxury Products.

    The South African Butler Academy is passionate about Mont Blanc and we cannot thank the Mont Blanc team enough for the amazing kindness and world-class training. Our students always walk away with immense knowledge on the Mont Blanc Brand.

    Shimansky prides itself on offering a unique and unforgettable jewellery and diamond experience at their flagship showroom and workshop in the Clock Tower.

 Personalized workshop tours allow you to witness unique and exceptional jewellery masterpieces taking shape in front of your eyes, as well as to learn more about South Africa’s most famous precious gem – the diamond. Our Butlers enjoy the world of Shimansky.

    Since its founding in 1975, Tumi`s commitment to design excellence, functional superiority and technical innovation has made it the brand of choice for the world`s most discerning and demanding consumers. Today, Tumi`s award-winning products range from luggage, business cases and handbags to wallets, writing instruments and watches. We would personally like to thank Octavia for his wonderful training and Valet Workshops done in the past 3 years for the Butler Academy, he is a dedicated valued TUMI staff member. Our Butlers only receive the best from TUMI..

    Simonsig Wine Estate is one of the hand picked wine estates located in Stellenbosch which is our preferred wine farm for our Butler Wine Service Training. We receive exceptional service and guided tours as well as personalized training from Simonsig.

    At Fairview they are proud of their offering – a true winelands experience that stays close to what the Fairview brand is all about. The farm offering is oriented around the enjoyment of excellent quality products in the company of friendly and well informed hosts, truly a must in our Butler Training Course, our International students enjoy this part of the course the most.

    At the Van Ryn Brandy Distillery, situated near Stellenbosch, on the banks of the Eerste River, brandies are twice distilled in traditional copper potstills and then aged in 340 liter air-dried oak barrels imported from Limousin in France. Van Ryn’s is the only brandy distillery in South Africa to have a cooperage on site, where barrels are maintained by a handful of highly skilled artisans. Going to Van Ryn is the Highlight of the Butler Course; we enjoy every second at Van Ryn. Truly a legendary experience for our Butlers.

    Discover our world exclusivity innovations! At the Butler Academy we use a variety of Tefal Products which are used in our private households.

    LAURASTAR sees ironing as an act of really caring for fabrics and seeks to make everyday tasks easier for its customers by offering them increasingly effective ironing solutions, that enable them to devote more time to their loved ones and to leisure pursuits. The South African Butler Academy believes in a true product as Laurastar, fantastic ironing making life easier in the Laundry department.

    Hirsch’s, a name synonymous with service and brand excellence has taken the home appliance world by storm! An appliance repair man who unwittingly became an entrepreneur, Allan Hirsch and his wife Margaret started their family run appliance business in a tiny showroom in Umhlanga Rocks Drive, Durban, in 1979 with just R900 that they had saved.