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  1. 16 November 2020

    Today we learnt about when to wear gloves, Receive a guest, how to make refreshing towel and Napkin fold. It was amazing, we had wonderful time.

  2. 16 November 2020

    Dear Ladies and Gents.

    Thankful for this here day I am. Teachings today. Silver service with a smile, from a refreshing scented towel that greets you. To a napkin fold that welcomes you when you sit down. To serve from the left and hold the utensils to display service at its best. Exiting the room a scent of luxury to remember by.
    Taking it to heart and mind for future time.

    Kind regard

  3. 16 November 2020

    Today we started the day with confidence building up group exercise ,which l was bit nervous on but finally as a team we managed to combine well…did the head butler duty on the morning triangle …and went on for the day’s practical practice. Learnt a lot abt silver service,however the sugar tray,refreshing towel offer and perfume tray presentation were so amazing and it was my first time to see how the refreshing towel is done.
    Most amazing course indeed….can’t wait for more exciting experiences here at SABA.

    Regards: Pathisani

  4. Wow what an experience learning how to do things the proper way is empowering i thought that i knew what service was everything changes when i walk in to the butler mansion i always walk out knowing more and the proper way to do things

  5. Another exiting day at SABA learning lots of new Butler tricks and trades. I enjoyed the napkin folding and perfume training extremely and I am already looking forward to tomorrows training.


  6. If you ever wonder what true passion, commitment is and how to change from ordinary service employee into doing a proper style of service, The SABA International Butler Academy is your place. Today was about recording a live interview with the principal Mr. Cross, doing silver service, being exposed to the luxurious perfumes and so many more…..The energy of the trainers is tangible and extremely professional at all times. I am looking forward to today’s class with hugh anticipation.

    1. Today may be a life changer for all of us since we are already over the 4th week in this amazing and wonderful training experience. I am looking forward to the last four 3 and a half weeks where everyone will be tested and polished for interviews and many more and it is time to practice what we have been taught so far. Thank you to the wine pairing and Brandy presentations and everyone involved there to make it a memorable day. Also we have to mention Hirsh’s for the amazing world of cooking knowledge and skills they offered to us.

  7. There is never a dull moment at the Butler Academy . Each day a new suprise awaits us from our Amazing tutors . I loved the team work and spirit during our online presentation on Garnishing. After a bit of my own research I discovered that historically the presentation of food has been used as a show of wealth and power . Always looking forward to asignment.


  8. 16 November 2020

    Another amazing day of training done and dusted. The SABA team makes sure to teach us the necessary skills needed for this profession and today was no exception. Started the day with a fun activity to build our confidence and ended it with an exciting napkin fold competition. We learned how to depart guests in a scent of their choice as well. It keeps getting better! Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings to the table.


  9. 17 November 2020

    Thank you Team SABA for helping to explore new ways of doing things. I was very excited to learn about table setting, making a housekeeping checklist. Looking forward for tomorrow’s lesson.


  10. 17 Nov 2020
    What an amazing day we had at SABA today.This course is really full of surprises. The way table setting is done here shows the degree of how things are done at SABA.all the measuring, steaming ,polishing……..woow Hands up to team SABA
    Always looking forward to new surprises!!!!



  11. 17 Nov 2020

    Our SABA team know the best way to make sure projects run smoothly. they are so passionate and always patient with us. This made our today, an amazing day. It started with an incredible exercise of catching flies for Phillip the chameleon because we love Pets. Later the day took us into another session of setting up a table for dinner. There is a process when setting up a table and its fun. SABA is indeed a tool of high level professional transformation. I am waiting patiently for more tomorrow. Thank you SABA!!!!



  12. 17 November 2020

    Today we learned and experienced it ourselves that table setting is a bit more complicated or rather time consuming. More than people would think. Setting up a table for anything from breakfast to fine dining, you need to do proper preparation, have the right measurements, place cutlery in the correct order, make sure everything is in line, etc. Had an excellent day learning this as well as how to create a housekeeping checklist to use in a household. The best of all is.. there is more to come!

    Kind regards,

  13. 17 November 2020

    Our SABA team know the best way to make sure projects run smoothly. they are so passionate and always patient with us. This made our today, an amazing day. It started with an incredible exercise of catching flies for Phillip the  chameleon because we love Pets. Later the day took us into another session of setting up a table for dinner. There is a process when setting up a table and its fun. SABA is indeed a tool of high level professional transformation. I am waiting patiently for more tomorrow. Thank you SABA!!!!


  14. 18 November 2020

    Another amazing day at the academy. Today we learned about table service, table etiquette and the difference between wine glasses. It was amazing, more practical less theory. I actually enjoyed my training today, now I’m confident to welcome the guests and seat them. I cannot wait to learn new skills.


  15. 18 November 2020

    I had an awesome day at the SABA International Butler academy! We learnt about different brands out there. We learnt more on how to serve! We practiced until we all were flawless we practiced at the dinner table serving each other , washing the dishes, how to pour wine and water. I was nervous at first even though we were taught before however this time we had to pour wine in 5 glasses without spilling a drop ! my first round I spilled a drop second round I was excellent
    We also learnt about valet service, how to pack a suitcase and what is the bottom part of the suitcase. Everyday i learn something new and exciting! Oh ! And lunch was so delicious Mr cross made us butternut soup mmmmmm Im not a fan of butternut soup but this butternut soup mmm mmmm mmmmmmmmm I even had seconds I told my mom about it and she was like ask the recipe ! I would recommend this course even if you don’t want to be a butler. You learn about interesting things that will help you in your everyday life.

    Kind Regards

  16. 19 November 2020

    Today it was a great, special day for us. We traveled to hemarnus wine farms were Mr Jean Claude and Mrs Carolyn Martin the owners of Creation tell us more about wine cultivars and the history of their farm. We also had wine tasting and canapes which goes with a specific wine, it was amazing to taste wine from a redle glass and pick some flavors. We pass by Hamilton Russell Vineyards on the way back to the Academy. I was very happy to meet the butler Mr Geon Ludick he said,” as long you have technical skills, passion and commitment trained by SABA then you’re ready to work as a butler without experience” .


  17. 19 Nov 2020

    Wooow what an amazing day we had today at the wine farms.we started at Creation vineyards,where we learnt a lot abt wines.Processes like Terroir, different cultivar etc. Really starting to learn the language of wine….can’t wait for more product knowledge advancing.
    We then proceeded to Hamilton and Russell,wat a beautiful estate they have over there .And by the way they are still using clay barrels as well.
    We now reached the most interesting part about wines ,whereby you have to pick the aromas and be able to pair with dishes of different choice.

    Every moment here you get to know something new or different…


  18. Amazing day we had at two of South Africa’s best wine farms . Had the opportunity to learn about the viticulture of grapes , wine tasting and the vinification process. What a fruitful day of learning we had

  19. 20 November 2020

    Today it was a beautiful sunny day and we had a wonderful time at the academy. Deetlefs taught us about terroir, viticulture, vilification, cultivar and so on. Product knowledge is very important I learned how to present a bottle of wine to the guests and I can not wait for my next lesson

  20. 23 November 2020

    Today was yet another excellent day learning tons of new things. The SABA team makes sure to give us the experience we will never forget and sharing knowledge not just theoretically, but practically as well. Went to an appliances store and learned more about your daily used items like the fridge, stove, oven, washing machine etc. Last week we had the unbelievable experience visiting one of the most beautiful wine farms, with the friendliest staff members – Creation in Hermanus, to do some wine tasting. Learned a lot about the process of making wine and had the wonderful experiences of tasting different wines paired with different canapes. Friday we had another amazing experience learning that the same glass of wine can taste very different depending on what you eat. Learned more about the different cultivars and the perfect food paring with each. Thank you Deetlefs for coming to school and sharing your wonderful wines.
    We discussed food hygiene, making sure your kitchen is always clean, storing food at the right temperature and the importance of preventing cross contamination.
    I am enjoying my time here at SABA, learning a ton and cannot wait to see what is next.

    Kind regards,

  21. Another thrilling productive day we had at the academy. Thank you for all the knowledge shared with us on Brandy making. There is so much to learn behind the label , we are blessed to have this opportunity.

  22. 27 November 2020

    Today was excellent! We started with a refreshing test. Mr Cross then took us places. Mr Cross presented to us a video about foods around the world and inbetween those slides there would be a video on certain cities and mr would ask who has never been to Sydney ? Who ever lifts up their hand mr cross would say come stand here now you are in Sydney! and the video of Sydney would play in the background ! So much fun

  23. 2 December 2020
    Exciting day at the SABA Mansion! Mr cross took us for a fast walk around the neighborhood in this beautiful park, we did some exercise there, while Mr West waited for us back at the mansion. Mr West started off with some terminology. We went to the heart of the mansion. The kitchen! Mr cross taught us how to make a delicious omelette . Each of us made our own omelette after that. We learnt how to make rump steak and Pork, how to plate it too. Mr cross showed us his Japanese knives and we got to use it too. Dawn

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