Corporate Butler Training

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The South African Butler Academy provides onsite (or at the Academy)  Corporate Butler Training. First impressions are lasting impressions, business etiquette & protocol is extremely important to understand as this is your companies lasting impression!
The training we provide can be adapted to any business as Butler training improves the attitude and socials skills of employees. The “Jeeves” touch changes the entire demeanour of all staff.

The Academy gift of excellent Manners (Etiquette)

During the training program we focus on the importance of business etiquette and protocol, and that social skills, or the lack thereof this is important for business deals and cultural diversity.

Remember visual messages are what sets a good employee from an excellent employee. Our clients include: banks, hotels, insurance companies, hotels, virgin active fitness club, Cape Town International Airport, sales and marketing teams, property agents, governments and public works, management skills to smaller enterprises and private luxury jets.

In today’s world many people may possess the intelligence but lack the social finesse to highlight it. 

As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage.” You are always on show and your soft skills define you. To have the self-confidence to know you are in control and doing the right thing gives you the opportunity to showcase your true authenticity and knowledge. Competitors may have the same technical knowledge; you can have that additional competitive edge, the ‘X’ factor.

According to a study done by Dress for Success guru John Malloy, 99% of executives said that social skills were prerequisites for succeeding in business and social life.

When you interact, you sell yourself, your company and your product. Every interaction in life is effectively an interview and an opportunity to sell yourself.

Leave it up to us…

This course will teach you about business etiquette- the expectations governing email etiquette, meeting etiquette, business-dining etiquette, office etiquette, gift wrapping, concierge service, dress codes, what to do and what not do, email etiquette, complaint handling, ensuring customer satisfaction, follow up procedures, employer loyalty and support of management, a more stable, ethical, and considerate workforce, increased productivity and income, social introductions amongst many other things which will catapult you ahead of the competition and define you as an expert in your field.

Did you know?

Top management takes potential front line employees to luncheons or dinners on many occasions. One particular clients spends 5 – 7 days a week only at restaurants meeting with suppliers and associated. Therefor it is important to know your social skills, confidence levels, international cuisine, dining etiquette and understand the language of service.

The South African Butler Academy is committed in offering cutting edge contemporary etiquette training in which we profile only the highest level of professionalism. At the conclusion of our seminars, participants possess a clear understanding of the importance of first impressions, know how to practice proper business etiquette in different situations, and are fully aware of the many advantages gained by applying these skills.

The finishing touches

First impressions are lasting impressions, promoting excellent dining skills, communication skills, working with others, setting goals and presenting one self with style, flair and confidence is key.

The South African Butler Academy Corporate Butler training program is well designed and tailored to each company. Many of our clients work per contract in other words we present a 12 step program which covers one or two years. It is important for us the sustain our training. We also conduct follow-up interviews with the organization’s management or officials to assess the longer-term effectiveness of the training.

Please send us a message or contact the Academy directly via email. Thank you for your time and we look forward in meeting with you and your team to improve the overall service standard of your company.

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