Hotel & Resort Butler Training for FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Getting ready for the Soccer World Cup 2022? Make sure your Butler team is trained and ready for this spectacular event.

The South African Butler Academy improves the following skills though our program:

  • Body language (manners and conduct)
  • Attention to detail & Anticipation skills
  • Food & Beverage skills (includes training videos and all training material)
  • Product knowledge, selling techniques and listening skills
  • Wine and Mixology (Videos provided for continues training)
  • Core Housekeeping skills, turn down service, bathroom turn down, cleaning skills, first aid & hygiene training
  • Arrival & Departure, rooming and unpacking of luggage service as well as packing skills
  • Guest history & feedback
  • Complaint & Compliment handling
  • International language classes & Geography lessons (Russia / France / America & Africa)
  • Set for success (how to improve one self, confidence building and yoga classes)

The South African Butler Academy adds thoughtful touches of luxury, in the correct manner, to the guest’s experience. It is our passion to deliver incredible training & passion is our drive! SABA understands and respects the advantages of working with local staff and supports the Lodge team with custom-made hands-on training.

The South African Butler Academy welcomes entry level members to the Management team  as our program benefits all. The Academy is well known for our pro -active fun style of training. No one falls asleep in our training, from singing  to drawing, role plays, active presentations, lectures turned into yoga classes, video material designed by the Academy (also available on our online store) to emotional intelligence lectures. How to become a leader and lead by example is a key note in any of our programs.  The South African Butler Academy International Seven Star Lodge Program is suitable for anyone and everyone.

As any Hotel or Resort believes in returning guests,  we also believe in the same recipe –  the Academy is well known in returning regularly to clients. This shows our program not only works and each and every employee benefits largely when professional service is predefined.  As per our videos you will find that we have returned to several Hotels / Resorts and Lodges, why? Because our training program exceeded everyone`s expectation. Gaining the skills of the British Butler can only help you improve your level of service to your guests, clients, customers and your own value to your employers. Seven Star Service is when employees treat each other as guest.

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