Güde Alpha Black – “The Knife” 26cm




The Knife from Gude is a chef’s knife reimagined. Designed for perfect balance and safety, The Knife features an elongated edge and an extra wide blade. The edge runs right beneath the handle and enables the holder to use a proper blade grip and protect the fingers at the same time, and provides extra surface area for cutting, while the extra wide blade adds heft, making cutting a dream.

  • Innovatively shaped 26cm chef’s knife with long blade edge and extra thick back
  • Designed for perfect balance and natural chopping motion
  • Packaged in a gorgeous gift box which will double as a storage box
  • Handle made from dark granadilla wood
  1. Clean your knife after each use with a damp cloth
  2. Never put your knife away without wiping it clean – specially after cutting acidic foods
  3. Never use acidic or abrasive cleaners to scrub your knife
  4. Knives with wooden grips are never to be washed in the dishwasher or left soaking in standing water
  5. Never store your knife loose in a drawer
  6. Never use a cutting surface made from stone or ceramic as these will dull or damage the cutting edge