Public Statement

18th March 2021

SABA International Butler Academy is a private Butler school.  We train individuals as Residential and Hotel Butlers across the world.

Since the inception of the Academy on the 29th of June 2009 we have always acted in the best interests of both our students and the clients who employ our Butlers. We acknowledge that training over 750 Butlers at SABA and over 1000 Hotel & Resort Butlers has been a wonderful achievement. We believe that each student who has successfully completed their training according to our highest standards, did so in a professional manner and we are proud to call them SABA Graduates and Colleagues.

The SABA International Butler Academy family is aware of a few disgruntled students who have voiced the cause for their dissatisfaction. We thank those students for doing so and we have undertaken to deal with the issues raised in an open and transparent manner.

All our students who enroll are required to understand the role and duty of a Butler and our unique approach to Butler training. These guidelines are clearly defined and available on our website and social media pages. Our approach is modern and colourful. We by no means present ourselves as a traditional and old school Butler training provider. Our methods of teaching are practical, fun, motivational, and above all unique. This has ensured our ongoing success. Students who do not meet our standards, are offered the opportunity to return and retake the course with a fresh perspective in mind.

We also impress on our students to strictly comply with our training protocols as our entire course is designed to simulate an experience similar to or as real as what a Butler may experience in a modern household or hotel.

For almost 2 years we have been dealing with a disgruntled student from Singapore who attended the first 2 days of our training and never returned.  We followed due procedure to address her grievance and after considering the unique circumstances of her situation we tendered to repay her course fee.  She has refused to accept our tender and rather pursued various legal avenues. These matters are now with our legal team and will be dealt with in the correct forum.  Without prejudice to our rights and without admitting liability or making any concessions we have taken a conscious decision to remove all references to this person on our website and will until otherwise advised refrain from responding to her relentless and unjustified attempts to defame our good name.

SABA International Butler Academy has achieved so much by being authentic and colourful. Our students come from all walks of life, some needing a professional touch or a career change in order to enter this niche corner of the hospitality industry.  SABA provides you with an opportunity to receive the Golden Key and enter many doors that lead to an illustrious career as a professional Butler. We will continue to offer this sought-after access as we have successfully done over the past 12 years.  We have an open-door policy and a grievance by our students are addressed directly but with compassion and dignity.  We have a system in place that allows for our students (current and past) to contact us or make an appointment so that we can address any issue in the aforementioned manner.

To all our students (763 to date) we thank you for your love and support for SABA International Butler Academy. To the few unhappy students, we will continue to reach out to you to give proper consideration to your experience.  We at SABA are as human as our students and while the unfair criticism and situation involving the disgruntled Singapore student is hurtful, we are open to constructive dialogue on how we can continue to improve our offering as the best butler training academy around.  

SABA International Butler Academy Management

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