SABA & Carte Blance

In light of the insert aired by Carte Blanche (which is actually nothing better than the Son Newspaper that went to Private School) on Sunday, 27 December 2020 we wish to state the following: The Court case by Ms Yang is in process and the accusations against SABA will be dealt with in due course where both parties will have a chance to state their case, unlike the platforms Ms Yang uses, only stating her view. We will in due course reveal our side, the truth about the Carte Blanche journey…

We accepted Derek’s call. We rolled out the red carpet, served the crew snacks and drinks. We have nothing to hide..

On Sunday the 14th February, Carte Blanche aired a segment regarding Ivermectin that sparked a serious backlash on social media. Read some of the comments below. Link to their page.

“Carte Blanche no longer does the hard investigative journalism it once was renowned for”

Unhappy ex-Carte Blanche viewer

Every comment is true as we experienced very similar behaviour from the Carte Blanche Team. From the initial call, to the date it was aired.

Every accusation will be answered with evidence. Every person or entity which made comments will be published on this page.

We have been in our line of business for more than a decade driven by passion and excellence, we are not a fly by night organization, we will protect our good name at all cost and not run away if we have not done anything wrong. Our passion for the butler industry will never be doubted. Those who left comments and those who gave wrongful evidence will be exposed with no fear or favour.

Qualifying as and being a butler is not for everyone and we appreciate that not every student will be happy as there might also be a misalignment of    expectations. The disgruntled and unhappy students are however the exception and not the rule and this will also become clear from the Court case against Ms Yang.

SABA has CCTV footage, voice recordings, emails, WhatsApp messages, screen shots and concrete evidence to expose those who gave wrongful reviews and evidence in a sensational program.

Lastly, we have an open-door policy, and should any person (including all present and past students) wish to discuss any issue with us, we are available to discuss and hopefully resolve problems and misaligned expectations. The aforementioned is the correct forum to resolve issues in a positive manner unlike other forums which focus on the negative and which does not give each party an equal chance to air their version.




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