Why Choose Us?

SABA Principal, Newton Cross, Director of Butler Training, SABA International Butler Academy, Cape Town, South Africa, for winning the Julian Star Award in 2022! You are one of only 10 people selected from all over the world to receive this special award. Thank you for delivering extraordinary guest service and for lighting the torch of hospitality!

What distinguish SABA from any other Butler Training Institutes?

Allow us to explain …

The SABA & Guild Recruitment not only provides the best employment to Butlers & Household Staff, but also assists each student with the most suitable employment, during and after the Butler Training course of eight weeks. We were the First Butler Training Institute in the World to offer a 10 week Butlers Course!

SABA is the only Butler Training Academy in Africa to offer this unique, an intensive eight-week Butler & Household Management Course. Even if a candidate has NO experience in hospitality, results at the end of this course serve as sufficient proof that the Academy Curriculum successfully sculpts each candidate to become the best Butler possible.

SABA were the ONLY Butler School in the World to successfully complete 5 Virtual Butler Training Course during Covid-19 in 2020.

The Butler Training offered by SABA is the most affordable and best value for money in the world. According to some European countries, we offer much more for only a third of the “normal fee”.

What distinguish SABA & Guild Recruitment is:-

·      Our Trainers and Teachers have worked as commercial and private Butlers in the industry;

·      We always have an ‘open-door’ policy to all our Butlers that completed the Course;

·      We are the most active Butler Academy on social media in the World. We share our success stories with thousands of followers from all media platforms with regular updates – at least three times per week – on Instagram, FacebookYouTubeTwitter and Pinterest;

·      We have state of the art software and technology to create the most amazing visual material and online media;

·      Conventional office hours are not applicable as our Trainers are 100% committed to service excellence;

·      We are the only Butler Academy teaching our Butlers the subject of Electronic Valet & Household Technology;

·      The first class training equipment used at the Butler Academy is similar to the products and equipment used in luxury residences worldwide. Service Ambassadors for Laurastar, Dyson etc…

·      The Butler Academy is HACCP-aware and teaches students on the essence of Green Butling and Food Hygiene Management. Also included in our Curriculum is PPE’s & Covid-19 Protocol.

·      Our commitment is more than words it is reality!

During the last 11 years, we have created a world class Butler School with integrity – we are more committed to our Butlers and you, their future employers, than being concerned about remuneration. Your success is our concern!

Since 2009 the SABA training program has been thoroughly planned and designed by Hotel, Resort and Residential Butlers in South Africa for Butlers Globally

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