Community Upliftment

Giving back is so Important! As part of our responsibility to uplift and giving back to the community less fortunate, we do partake in charity organisations, giving away prizes, bursaries, free training and fund raisers.

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Charity Event with SABA Butlers for the Click Foundation in South Africa.

We believe enormous talent exists amongst the youth of South Africa, but they experience many barriers to growth and development. As a result, their talent often remains unrealized.  Our goal is to attract those who are ready to bring change to their lives, work with them for one year, and “launch” them to a successful future. 

At the end of their time with PYDA, they have experienced personal growth, they are able to access sustainable employment, and they can effect real change within their families and communities.

We recently sponsored a Dinner worth R8 000 for the PWP Golf Day to be auctioned and funds used to uplift the area.