International Butler Day

International Butler Day | 29th July 2023

International Butler Day was an extraordinary success, reverberating with joy and camaraderie across the globe. Hotel butlers and residential butlers joined hands in celebrating this momentous occasion by sharing their work photographs, capturing the essence of their passion and dedication.

From luxury resorts to private estates, our esteemed graduates showcased their expertise and finesse, exemplifying the true spirit of butler service. The overwhelming response and participation reaffirmed the global impact of this timeless profession.

At SABA International Butler Academy, we take immense pride in nurturing a community of skilled professionals who continuously elevate the standards of service excellence. International Butler Day served as a remarkable testament to the profound impact butlers have on enhancing the guest experience and enriching the lives of those they serve.

As we reflect on the resounding success of this global celebration, we are humbled by the unwavering commitment of our graduates to the art of refined hospitality. Their dedication and genuine love for butler service are what make this profession truly exceptional.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the hotel butlers, residential butlers, and our cherished alumni who participated in International Butler Day, making it a cherished memory for years to come. Together, let us continue to exemplify the finest standards of service and uphold the timeless tradition of butler excellence worldwide.

Post a picture of *yourself at work or any “Butler Tool and yourself” using #HashTag #InternationalButlerDay on the 29th July 2024 on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn and stand a chance to win one of 3 **prizes. Best ***photo will be selected by the Butler Alliance of actively working Butlers around the globe. Winners will be announced on the 30th July 2024 via all social Platforms.

*Please do not post a picture at your work place if you are not allowed to do so. Confidentiality is key for any and all Butlers.

**If the winner can not attend any of the Butler Training Courses, he/she may transfer the prize to a friend or colleague. 1st Prize Winner will be responsible for their own travel, accommodation and visa to Cape Town, SA if applicable. 2nd & 3rd Prize winners will be responsible for their own travel, accommodation, meals and visa if applicable. Prizes valid for 12 months and can not be exchanged for cash.

***The winners (owner / photographer / Company) of the Best photo tagged and selected by the Butler Association, give us full authority to publicise and use (with credit) the photo on all social platforms.

A great initiative started by SABA in 2018 to appreciate previous, current and all future Butlers dedicating their lives to provide the ultimate in service excellence.

OUR WINNER FOR 2022 (8 Week Butler Course)




Our winner for 2019. Leon from Sandals South Coast. @iam_sandalshr