Welcome to the South African Butler Academy, International Seven Star Hospitality Training Program. Imagine being immersed in a new culture, gaining valuable experience, growing personally and professionally while building international hospitality skills provided by the South African Butler Academy.

Top Hotels, Resorts, Lodges, Private Jets & Yachts across the world turn to the South African Butler Academy for our experience and effective training methods to up skill service staff members of each establishment or outlet. Recently we trained the entire staff component of the Banyan Tree Seychelles which is over 200 members. Our training team is extremely talented and loved by all we touch through training (please refer to our Hotel training blog with references). We are proud of our achievements and growing our network internationally training various members from different backgrounds and cultures.

Remember: proper preparation prevents poor performance, the words are key in the hospitality industry. We are pleased that our clients find that our services render a great return on their initial investment. Many times a lack of passion or skill exists and therefor it is important to act now and call the Academy to take over your training requirements. We are extremely pleased at our outcomes in our various programs and we are happy to assist you as our future client.

The South African Butler Academy education system educates staff and management within the hospitality industry worldwide, using the most detailed, high-definition courses on international skills, international standards and product knowledge.

Tailored Content: 

  • Body Language
  • Demeanor & Etiquette
  • Front line communication skills
  • Getting organized
  • Food & Beverage skills, brand culture and philosphy
  • Front of House skills
  • Engaging with other staff members
  • Hand overs and briefing methods
  • Housekeeping skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Cultural diversity
  • Complaint handling and follow up
  • Food presentation skills
  • Decor and special areas of expertise
  • International brand awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Guest Awareness
  • Cross Selling Techniques
  • Product knowledge
  • Geography and Language lessons
  • How to become a better employee

Once incorporated into our unique training platform, these Tailored Standards come to life like never before – transporting, inspiring and engaging staff members from all learning styles, generations and cultures.

All lectures are practical with role plays and assessments. A full training brochure with requirements will be sent to you for final approval.