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May 2020 | Graduation Video

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June 2020 | Graduation Video

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July 2020 | Graduation Video

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August 2020 | Graduation Video

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September 2020 | Amanpulo Resort Student Feedback

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February 2021 | Graduation Video

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March 2021 | Graduation Photo

Dear SABA,

I just wanted to thank you and Mr. Cross for the fabulous training and the kindness you both have shown me. I sincerely hope you will offer advanced classes as I will be onboard for that.

You both have touched my heart and soul in so many ways and truly inspired me to be the best butler I can be and I am thirsty for as much as I can learn from your school. You and Mr. Cross are truly one of the kindest and most influential people I have met and I feel that your school will continue to flourish even more through online training even if it means raising the price of the classes I feel that it is worth it’s weight in gold. Thank you again for a most wonderful and intense training.

Warm regards,

M Farmer

Next 5 Day Virtual Butler Course Date:



Thank you so much for your interest in our exciting virtual Butler training program.  

How will it work?

The course is 5 days of the most exciting Butler training; this is a combination of virtual classes and our virtual online classroom with training videos, training material, tests and lessons by experts in the industry.

Our virtual Butler training course is divided into two sessions: We have an advanced setup for our daily virtual interactive sessions in that we have a unique studio specifically dedicated to virtual training. Here you will have informative and entertaining sessions hosted by our Butler trainers. We believe in learning in a fun and colourful environment!

Online training will be via the classroom we have set up for this specific training group. The classroom is an additional platform we use in conjunction with the interactive Zoom sessions. This is an important part of your training as all your homework and assignments are submitted here. The daily interactive sessions will be split into 2 sessions of an hour and a half per session. Please remember that in order to fully participate in these sessions, you must have a good WiFi connection. The times of these sessions will be as follows:

  • Session 1: 09h00 – 10h30 in the morning South African time
  • Session 2: 11h00 – 12h30 in the afternoon South African time
  • The Exam – students will be required to complete an online exam.
  • You will also have a virtual graduation ceremony.  

We are so looking forward to welcoming you onto this wonderful training platform! Please do not miss out on this amazing opportunity. We look forward to welcoming you in virtuality soon!

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