Our History

Newton Cross ( Principal of SABA International Butler Academy) born in Cape Town South Africa and, raised in a beautiful town called Swellendam. It is here in this beautiful town where he as a young boy at the age of 9 realised his passion for cooking and entertaining. He discovered the world of baking and selling these wonderful cakes becoming a young entrepreneur. Throughout his school life he waitered, cut hair, painted and entertained in the boarding school called Canigou House at Rondebosch Boys high school. He is truly a magnificent colourful Butler who gives his all in everything he sets his mind too.

He left school to jump right into Butler training at the “School for Butlers and Household Personel” (no longer in existence) . He qualified and worked for 2 establishments and left for England working for a prominent well known English family and received on the job training daily for a few years completing various courses in England and one particular fun course was Japanese Floral art. He retuned to South Africa working at Fancourt in George assisting with Butler service to former President Nelson Mandela, Tiger Woods, Shanai Twain, the Platner family and former President Thabo Mbeki during the Presidents Cup Tournament. He then departed on the greater journey working as a waiter and butler onboard the RMS Queen Mary 2, serving well known celebrities and amazing guests from all over the world. After many contracts onboard Queen Mary 2 he return for what was known the “lightbulb” moment.

When clients from Holland visiting Cape Town (whom he took care of) mentioned during his contract they required more butlers from his school / when in-fact there was no school or training facility in South Africa or Africa training Butlers anymore. He consulted with his partner Adriaan Coetzer and they both realised this is possible – hence opened what we know as the the leading Butler School in the World and the most popular in the World – this great Butler / Passionated server is our Principle Newton Cross.

To date our staff component is 6 with Mr Braam West who is our General Manager. Our team has extensive experiences both in Residential Butling and Commercial Butler Service. We are so fortunate in celebrating 12 years of successful Butler training and Butler Service to the world.

Please feel free to contact us directly for more information, we several news articles and press releases to view.

“the passion I have comes from a creative and special place… called my heart of service to others” Newton Cross

What makes us so unique?

Simply put, we work hard!

The International Butler Academy is fast becoming more than than just a Butler School; we enrich lives by collaborating with teams across the world, instilling and teaching exceptional butler training.

Essentially, our Butler Training is a mindful skill with a modern element and our focus is to highlight and embrace the modern Butler. In the past, tradition stigma conjures to the mind, historical figure, the proverbial castle-custodians and stone-faced, tray-bearers.

We are a modern Butler school, tech-savy and fresh approach to the role of residential management. Our teaching is extraordinary as all students feel at home with our incredible hospitality.

SABA has a strong social media presence; with over 20 000 followers on Facebook and 7000 on instagram. We love sharing fun memories and moments. Also, this will be your reference when doing the course.

SABA believes in practical, excellent training, filled with love and colour!

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