Our History

Newton Cross – Principal:

Newton Cross is the founding member and Principal of South African Butler Academy.  His qualifications include:

  • Butler Certificate – SA School for Butlers and Household Personnel: 2001
  • Valet Certificate, England: 2002
  • F&B Diploma
  • Certificates from White Star Academy (University at Sea): 2005 – including:
    • Familiarization Program on board Queen Mary 2
    • Effective Team Member
    • Dealing with Difficult Customers
    • Managing Stress
    • Basic Food Hygiene

During his career, Newton held the following positions:

  • A residential Butler for a family in England;
  • A Butler to 4 Presidents;
  • Various roles on the Queen Mary 2;
  • HR Manager at a boutique Hotel in Cape Town;
  • Butler trainer at the Butler Academy;
  • Internationally acclaimed trainer at a number of 5 star Hotels;
  • Web designer; and
  • Founded the South African Butler Academy in 2009, of which he is the Principal and owner.

He realized that within South Africa there is a great demand for residential as well as commercial Butlers with a variety of skills as well as the need for excellent service delivery within the hospitality industry.  His vision is to ensure that specific service standards are adhered to within the Butler as well as the five-star hotel and restaurant industry. 

Since 2009, there has been a definite increase in the demand for temporary as well as full time Butlers with excellent skill sets.  At the Butler Academy, he is not only the Principal, but a full-time trainer, student councilor and life coach.

Over and above providing training to all aspiring Butlers he is also an International Hotel Butler trainer.  With his extensive resume, he has travelled the world obtaining international Butler experience.