Virtual Butler Training Student References


Dear Mr. Cross, West and the entire SABA team.

I want to thank you for the Amazing training that I have had the privilege of attending via your Amazing Virtual Butler School..

Under your tutelage I have broadened my horizons in so many aspects and you have equipped me with the Tools that will help me to be the best in my field. From the Correct way to greet someone down to the finest details in how to set up and host a 5 course food and wine pairing for my guests.

I would recommend SABA training for anyone whom wants to become a perfect Gentleman, man or woman. The training changes your way of thinking and actually makes you think twice before you act in what the best way would be as to not give the guest good service, but to give the guests Exceptional service

Thank you for this amazing life altering experience and hopefully the next time we meet it will not be in virtuality but in reality.

Warm Regards

TH Basson
South Africa


Dear SABA,

I am writing to express my gratitude to SABA in the manner of sharing my reasons in choosing the SABA Online Virtual classes with future potential students.

If I may start with your kind understanding that SABA is not just a learning institution, SABA is a family. A family of beautiful souls who have had years of experience in the finer industry, and who sincerely want to see you succeed. A family committed to personally helping you to reach your personalised tailored goal. The moment I was privileged to speak to Mr Braam West, I believed that whomever would be under SABA’s wing is fated for success.

I feel safe with SABA, knowing that I have the guidance, training and back up support not only during training, but during my new projects. SABA solemnly pledges to help you along your way in specific areas that you may require more understanding in. Even if these specific areas are not part of the virtual course, but if it is related to areas as part of functional duty (as pre-discussed or verified when discussing course benefits / outcomes), then you are under this family’s wing in certainty. I believe SABA delivers their promises.

I chose SABA with a heartfelt feeling of surety of trust in their sincere commitment of the latter, SABA’s pristine professionalism that was impressively noted, and the sweetest feeling of family to guide you in your excellence was the ultimate comforting factor.

Thank you so much Mr Braam West , for your personal time, truly heartfelt commitment in each of your SABA family members , kind compassion and tactful, observing leading skills. The delightful adventure of meeting Mr Newton Cross as classes grew closer was indeed a privilege, with Mr Crosse’s passionate commitment and so much attention to the finer detail in each and everyone of us too. Thank you so much Mr Newton Cross.

Thank you to all of the SABA team working behind the scenes in mysterious ways to achieve one shared ultimate goal of excellence. Thank you Ms Jill Hunter, Mr Adriaan Coetzer for your kind care in the team commitment felt so strongly. Even behind the scenes, the distict SABA energy prevailed.
May SABA prosper beyond limitation as always, in its honour and grace.

Yours sincerely,
Rehana G


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen.

I just wanted to say it has been an honor and an amazing experience to study with you all, and very lovely to meet you.

Let’s always stay in contact, as Mr. Newton said we all family now.

I wish you all the utmost best!!!
Miss you already🤗


Dear all my SABA family,

It has been such a pleasure to meet you and get to know every single one of you.

Thank you SABA for all knowledge and dedication.
Thank you so very much for beautiful memories. The last 10 days been amazing and I never ever forgot this moments! I will surely miss the laugh, the fun, the funny stories. I will miss waking up at 4 am and sign on Zoom class 😬

Please stay in touch. Do let me know if i can be any of your assistance.

Stay blessed and beautiful,
Sara 🙏🏻


Dear SABA Family Past, Present and Future. It has been a great Honor to have been through this beautiful journey with. We all have s drive and passion to succeed in this great Industry. Blessings to you all and have the most fantastic day ever.

Yours truly Christopher x


To SABA and my fellow students,

Thank you so much for an incredible ten days! 🤗

I must admit that I felt very shy joining, but I have learnt so much not only from Mr Cross and Mr West, but from you, my friends, as well ☺️ Thank you all for being so selfless with your experiences and knowledge. As someone young with lots to learn (although one can never stop learning), I am extremely grateful for the opportunity.

May all of our journeys be fruitful and full of laughter!

Please feel free to reach out to me via social media should you wish to connect 🤗

With love,



Dear SABA family,

Thank you all so much for sharing the last 2 weeks with me and all the knowledge and life lessons that we have learned. It was so lovely to see all your smiling faces every morning 😁, I will really miss seeing you all. Its amazing to think in all of this craziness going on around us that we could build a connection and even tho we are all in different places around the world that we could come together and have this special experience.
Please keep in touch and stay safe 💕



Dear friends, SABA,

Thank You all so very much for wonderful experience that I pass trough with all of You and learn a lot in only 10 days. I will be happy to keep in touch with all of You. Stay happy and healthy as You all are!
Wish You all the best from my heart!

Kind regards



Dear SABA friends,

Greetings to everyone,

In a moment to say Thank you very much SABA BUTLER ACADEMY for excellent experience that we learn last 10 days. Unforgettable moments in life. It’s a wonderful journey no words to say.

Connecting & meeting friends is a very precious in life
Please keep in touch everyone.

Keep in touch as always

Again Thanks to everyone.

Love as always,


Dear Saba team

I would like to give my sincere gratitude to Mr West, Mr Cross, Mr Coetzer and Mrs Hunter. You been so much generous with your amazing knowledge to us however i feel so humbled to be your student. I have learnt a great deal of ideas in hospitality as a butler.

To my colleagues I say thank you too. You were incredible you created

memories that will never fade away

I Wil keep in touch.

I love you


Mr. Cross, Mr. West , Ms. Hunter , Mr Coetzer

Thank you for being excellent guru for us and all of you are not easy to find. Your love of learning ignited our curiosity and made learning much more interesting and will help me a lot for my future.

And Dear Classmate , please stay Happy, Healthy and please keep in touch.

My Deepest Thanks 🙏🌹



Thank You All for the wonderful 10 days. It truly was a pleasure to a part of the class.
Kudos to the SABA team! 🥂


Thank you so much Mr Cross Mr West Mr Coetzer and Mrs Hunter so this amazing opportunity , it was so exciting and wonderful course.
I enjoy a lot and break a leg every for their future.


good morning, good afternoon
Thank you so much Mr. Cross, Mr. West, Mr. Coetzer and Mrs Hunt
for this amazing class, i really enjoy with all of you
all the best for us


A every big thank you to Mrs Hunter, Mr Cross, Mr West and all the backup team. I’m so thankful about all the experience you have been sharing with us. Good luck to all my fellow mates, be well.
Thank you all


Thank you so much Mr Cross, Mr Coetzer, Mr West Mrs Hunt and all the students, it was a great honor for me be part of this excelent course 🤩🥳 I wish all the best for you🍀🎩🍽️🍾


Thank you so much everyone I am so thankful for this wonderful and high quality virtual butler course. A pleasure to meet all of you and congratulations 🍾🎊 I have learned so much on this course and will definetly recommend this course to any stewardesses that would like to learn, improve and reach THE excellence. Bless you all ☀️🍀


Good Day everyone this has been a tremendous experience that I would alwasy cherish can’t wait to go back to my Disney family and share all that I have learned with them, Mr Cross, Mr West , Mr Coetzer and Ms Hunter thank you so so much for everything I would like to share a quote from Walt Disney with the class that I keep in mind when I work because as Brian said when guest comes back to our places of work is because of how we made them feel.


Thank you Thank you Mrs Hunter, Mr Coetzer, Mr Cross and Mr West. This experience truly felt like one big family. I appreciate all the support that was given to me and to my fellow classmates Goodluck and go well, stay safe and May you be blessed


Good day Everyone. Thank you so much for an awesome experience. In this new normal of 2020 it was wonderful to meet and share this with everyone. Congratulations with your results your should be proud. And for Mr Cross Mr West, Mr Coetzer and Mrs Hunter thx again🍾