Tiara Brass & Copper Cleaner | 180g




Tiara Brass & Copper Cleaner is specifically formulated to clean and maintain brass and copper products without scratching them. It effectively removes surface contamination and restores damaged, corroded metals to their original, shiny finish.

  • Liquid brass and copper cleaner for maintaining brass and copper cookware
  • Instantly removes fingerprints
  • Quickly cleans dirt and leaves a shine
  • Leaves a protective layer against corrosion

Instructions for use:

  1. First test the cleaner on a small, non-visible area to ascertain suitability on softer metals
  2. Do not use steel wool, scourers or other abrasive sponges
  3. Shake the bottle, apply to a clean, damp cloth and clean the cookware surface
  4. Wash off with water or a clean, wet cloth
  5. Wipe dry to avoid water streaks
  6. For stubborn stains, use Tiara Non-Scratch Fleece and leave the cleaner on for a longer period