Lin Yang (Jasmine Jasmine)

It has come to our attention that a former disgruntled student, Lin Yang (from Singapore) has contacted some of our students to gain support for legal action based on our contracts with students.

Please note that Ms Yang could not comply with the high standards, expectations and ethos set at our courses and deserted the course (after day 3) without any legitimate reason. Our high standards, expectations and ethos are the reason why we are world renowned and I trust each of you will agree that we cannot compromise on the aforementioned values.

Furthermore, Ms Yang’s attempts in other Courts and forums has been rejected (Please see letter A) and her attempts to defame our good name and attack our contract with students is desperate and without any merit according to our legal representatives. (Please see Letter B).

We urge you not to become involved in an confrontation which has ulterior and very personal motives.

She even acquired another sim card for WhatsApp as most Students Blocked her from contacting them.

ALL the recent “bad reviews” on Google, are posted by false names, apparent “ex-students” which we have no records of and SPAM accounts on Google. All the reviewers, have only 1 review posted on Google. No co-incidence here…| FAKE Names: Jasmine Jasmine, Sugar bee, Cathleen Smith, pink Power, Sugar.

See below messages openly admitting to these fraudulent actions and incite others to the same by one of the fake names.

Sugar bee says: Jun 18, 2020 at 12:55 am

Please bring this to light on Google u can type in a review about the school does not have to be under your own name.

Sugar bee says: Jun 27, 2020 at 6:16 am

Please go on there Google page and make a comment about this school. This place can’t get away with it anymore.

Sugar bee says: Jun 29, 2020 at 11:25 am

True. But even in the darkest of nights , one candle can be seen from far. So please post or like others comments.

Clearly you are trying to mislead people with your misrepresentations and attempts to defame our good name is unfortunate and clearly misplaced and desperate. Courts will take a dim view on your attempts as is evident on you not being successful in any forum you have tried your luck. Maybe you should give it a rest!! Our rights remain strictly reserved.

Please contact us should you have any questions and please note that our students well being is our first priority.


SABA Management

This is what 99.9% of Students agree on!

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