5 Day Virtual Butler Training




Thank you so much for your interest in our new and exciting virtual Butler training program. Despite the current worldwide COVID-19 epidemic we have some excellent news. From SABA International Butler Academy to you we now offer you the most unique and bespoke Butler training course.

The process of becoming a professional Butler is a rewarding and enriching experience. You will develop not only as an individual, you will also obtain an exceptional skill set that will serve you indefinitely. A Butler provides a seamless and professional lifestyle management service to their elite clients who range from members of royalty, presidents, dignitaries, celebrities and the wealthy. Whether it be in their residence, upon a jet, a yacht, in a hotel, a luxury resort or in a corporate environment, working as a Butler is an exhilarating experience. At the Butler Academy you will be immersed in the crucial duties and the lifestyle of a Butler. The Butler Academy’s approach to educating our students is one to ensure they will thrive in their new profession, offering an engaging and tailored program, which will deliver far beyond one’s expectations.

How will it work?

At the Academy we are so excited to announce our new virtual Butler training programme taking place from the 12th April 2021 – 16th of April 2021. The course is 5 days of the most exciting Butler training; this is a combination of virtual classes and our virtual online classroom with training videos, training material, tests and lessons by experts in the industry.

Our virtual Butler training course is divided into two sessions:We have an advanced setup for our daily virtual interactive sessions in that we have a unique studio specifically dedicated to virtual training. Here you will have informative and entertaining sessions hosted by our Butler trainers. We believe in learning in a fun and colourful environment!

Online training will be via the classroom we have set up for this specific training group. The classroom is an additional platform we use in conjunction with the interactive Zoom sessions. This is an important part of your training as all your homework and assignments are submitted here.Please see attached our previous Virtual Course Programme with the subjects we cover. The daily interactive sessions will be split into 2 sessions of an hour and a half per session. This will ensure that we are able to cover the content of a 10-day programme in 5 days. Please remember that in order to fully participate in these sessions, you must have a good WiFi connection. The times of these sessions will be as follows:

  • Session 1: 09h00 – 10h30 in the morning South African time
  • Session 2: 11h00 – 12h30 in the afternoon South African time
  • Also attached is our Application Form.
  • The Exam – students will be required to complete an online exam.
  • You will also have a virtual graduation ceremony.

Please note that your application form and payment of R 6500.00 (USD 450.00) must be received before the course begins.

We are so looking forward to welcoming you onto this wonderful training platform! Please do not miss out on this amazing opportunity. We look forward to welcoming you in virtuality soon!



  1. Excellent internet
  2. Computer and printer
  3. English proficiency
  4. Positive attitude
  5. Pro-active mindset
  6. Passion for service

What will set you apart?

Being a SABA certified Butler provides you with the skills and confidence you need to make a positive change in your career and your life. Your training programme has been designed by and will be headed by Mr. Newton Cross whose skills as a Butler trainer are in demand worldwide. Having this Butler certificate has the potential to open many doors for our students. You will take away whatever you are prepared to put into your training.

SABA International Butler Academy Promises:

  1. To be patient
  2. To be your inspiration
  3. To assist you throughout the program
  4. To provide you with all material and exams
  5. To provide additional videos as required

SABA gets you the recognition you deserve, not only in the form of a certificate from a top-tier Butler Academy, but also by empowering you with the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to take on the next challenge in your career.