What is Butler Service?

King Louis the 14th brought abundance of luxury to the Palace of Versailles, France. He introduced the French to table decor and etiquette. The start of what we call the Cup Bearer, enjoying wine poured by a special person. This person title – Butler or Bottle Bearer.

The Butler title originally applied to the person who was in charge of the wine cellar and dispensed liquors. Therefore the name is derived from the Middle English “bottler“, as well as from old French bouteillier, “bottle bearer”. This comes from the Latin word “buticula” meaning bottle.

In the European Middle Ages, ‘Butler’ meant precisely this: bottle bearer, but over time the meaning changed to an official of the crown, who nominally had charge of the wine, but who in fact was a person of high household rank, having different duties in different countries at different times.The words that spring to mind when hearing the word ‘Butler’ are Great Britain, or rather, England.  Although male servants have been employed all over the world as long as one cares to remember, it was the British Butler who transformed this profession into a form of art and thus became the standard in this field.

A British Butler was authoritative, witty, snobbish, discreet and intelligent.  He was respected and feared, even by his employer. He knew everything there was to know about etiquette, food, drink, sterling silver and glassware, as well as things like literature, opera and history, and if he didn’t, he cunningly pretended he did.

Today this is no more a SABA Butler is exceptionally charming, fun, hard working, passionate, intelligent and mindful! 

The Butler today covers all the service, management, serving, dealing, arranging and creating aspects of any luxury Home.

Hotel Butlers are the epitome of luxury service as many Hotels, Resorts, Palaces and Luxury guest accommodation receives the best care – butler service.

SABA International Butler Academy is focused on a new evolution which is the future of Butler service across the world. Just think about it, our younger generation are our future butlers, it is our task to equip each individual with the essence of service. Our students may or have never been exposed to 5 star service? It is our job to bring experiences, techniques and skills to our trainees.  Our Training is not just a class which is simple, story telling and power points! Our training is an experience of a lifetime, theatre, magic, practicals, regular tests, assessments and meets the look and feel of every establishment we train. SABA delivers training in a format created to enhance, develop and equip all individuals who bring about a greater zest for life.

The Butler is pivotal in the luxury market!