Hotel & Resort Butler Job Description

A butler will be required to do the following:

  • Organise and manage the Butler’s Pantry and Butler’s Office
  • Ensure the Butler’s pantry has necessary supplies, equipment and materials
  • Update and manage the daily Butler work sheets
  • Create rosters, schedules and checklists
  • Create a checklist for room and suite inspections
  • Assign and inspect each room before guest arrivals
  • Log all faults and defects in suites in Butler’s log book and ensure rectification
  • Undertake final preparation of each suite or room prior to guests arrival
  • Have a working knowledge of the check-in procedure
  • Handle guest’s messages
  • Handle necessary air ticket reconfirmation
  • Have a working knowledge of the hotel guest history system
  • Enter guest preferences in guest history system
  • Use guest history and update accordingly
  • Have an understanding of the foreign currency exchange
  • Arrange VIP greeting and escorting service to airport
  • Create and oversee airport and gate pick-up and drop off procedures
  • Create and oversee secure storage and tagging of luggage
  • Handle Butler communication methods
  • Have a working knowledge of the in-room check out services
  • Ensure buggy, boat and cart maintenance
  • Maintain or arrange security of luggage
  • Liaise as necessary with security staff
  • Anticipate guest’s needs

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