International Virtual Butler Course Graduation | July 2020


Thank you so much for your interest in our new and exciting virtual Butler training program. Despite the current worldwide COVID-19 epidemic we have some excellent news. From SABA International Butler Academy to you we now offer you the most unique and bespoke Butler training course. 
The process of becoming a professional Butler is a rewarding and enriching experience. You will develop not only as an individual, you will also obtain an exceptional skill set that will serve you indefinitely. A Butler provides a seamless and professional lifestyle management service to their elite clients who range from members of royalty, presidents, dignitaries, celebrities and the wealthy. Whether it be in their residence, upon a jet, a yacht, in a hotel, a luxury resort or in a corporate environment, working as a Butler is an exhilarating experience. At the Butler Academy you will be immersed in the crucial duties and the lifestyle of a Butler. The Butler Academy’s approach to educating our students is one to ensure they will thrive in their new profession, offering an engaging and tailored program, which will deliver far beyond one’s expectations. 

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