Newton Cross, SABA Principal receives Julian Star® Award

Congratulations to Newton Cross, Director of Butler Training, SABA International Butler Academy, Cape Town, South Africa, for winning the Julian Star Award in 2022!

You are one of only 10 people selected from all over the world to receive this special award.

Thank you for delivering extraordinary guest service and for lighting the torch of hospitality!

The Julian Star® is the most distinguished service award in the global hospitality industry. The award is issued by the International Hospitality Institute (IHI). 

The Julian Star® (also known as the “J Star”) recognizes hospitality establishments and practitioners that are delivering differentiated, and discerning service to their customers. IHI believes that customer service, at its best, should be intuitive, emotive, and imaginative.

The Julian Star® is named after Saint Julian, the patron saint of hospitality. Winners of the Julian Star® will exemplify the spirit of compassion and humility in their dealings with customers, and a servant leadership approach in their interactions with co-workers. Unlike some industry awards which focus on the amenities, luxury level, and location offered by hospitality establishments, the Julian Star® rates only the quality of customer service delivered by hospitality establishments and the customer service competency of practitioners.

Some may compare the Julian Star® award with the Michelin Star award for restaurants. The Julian Star® is different from the Michelin Star in many respects, although both awards are focused on recognizing excellence. Unlike the Michelin Star, the IHI does not award multiple stars. An establishment or individual is either deserving of the Julian Star® or not. There is no such thing as two, three, four, or five Julian Star®.

Less than 1% of applicants will be conferred with a Julian Star®. Once an individual earns a Julian Star®, the recognition is earned for a lifetime and does not need to be renewed. Establishments that earn the Julian Star® will keep the Julian Star® designation for 3 years.

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