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Dear reader,

What a year 2021 has been. Times are so different and yet certain aspects are still the same. It is my prayer that you are safe and your families are well taken care of. Here at home we continue to learn, to build and to improve.

When I think back to the days when we started the Butler Academy in South Africa, I never had a hand holding mine and guiding me along the pathway to achieving one’s dreams. One had to take it day-by-day, however we were delighted to achieve and experience incredible moments in Butler training.

This pandemic will pass however it has made SABA so much more than just a Butler school. We created the world’s first Virtual Butler Academy with our 10th Virtual Butler Program beginning in May 2021. This in itself is an achievement. During the pandemic, we trained the teams at Soneva Jani, an absolute highlight of 2020. One should always reflect on and say thank you for these opportunities. Take care of the people who love and support you and remove the negative people from your life. Focus on fostering new relationships and continue to learn and grow, both as an individual and professionally.

This is my updated message April 2021

Newton X

SABA International Butler Academy is a unique Butler training institute that offers Butler training to individuals who would like to start a new career as Professional Butlers / Household Managers and Personal Assistants. SABA is world-renowned for our modern approach to Butler service in private households, resorts, exclusive yachts and passenger liners.