Wedding & Event Season in South Africa.

Despite dire consequences from the Covid-19 pandemic for most in the events, weddings and hospitality industry, South Africa is still a desirable location for weddings, functions and events.

Brides eyeing Instagram-type weddings can spend as much as R1m or more in the lead up to the ‘big day’. In fact, South Africa’s bustling wedding industry is worth over R20bn, but thanks to Covid and the national lockdown, celebrations have been reduced significantly or delayed until further notice. It’s particularly bad news for entrepreneurs and SMEs who usually make up the majority of service providers. Florists, photographers, caterers, and hair and beauty stylists have all taken a huge knock this year.

Estimated to be worth approximately $300 billion in March, the wedding industry worldwide was one of the hardest hit sectors by Covid. Growth in the Bridal Wear market will reach $79.7 billion by 2027, according to the Global Bridal Wear Industry report.

Pictures by Yolande Marx

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