Why us? Comparing SABA with other Butler Training Institutes

  1. With assistance from Guild Recruitment, we have the highest success rate for placement of our Butlers after completing the 8 Week Course.
  2. We are the only Butler Training Academy in Africa to offer an 8 Week Course. If you have NO experience in hospitality, we have proven that our 8-week Curriculum can sculpt you to become the best Butler possible within 8 weeks.
  3. We are the most affordable and best value for money Butler Training Academy in the world. To some European Countries, we offer much more for a third of the price. See comparison.
  4. All our Trainers have worked as commercial & private Butlers in the industry.
  5. We always have an “open-door” policy to all our Butlers that completed the Course.
  6. We are the most active Butler Academy on social media in the World. With regular (at least 3 times per week) updates on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest we share our success stories with the 1000’s followers on all media platforms.
  7. We have the latest software and technology to create the most amazing videos and online media.
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