Butler Association “The Time Has Come”

Years in the making, we have had no choice but to fast track what we called SABA2025, our vision to have a membership program for all of our students to date. The industry is currently in a conundrum, with old-fashioned and retired ‘blessed souls’, offering training to the modern generation of Butlers. Due to outdated and monotonous teaching methods, they fail to generate any long-term interest in the profession and leave students uninspired by their training.
Therefore a set of standards has been sent to all our partners and hotels across the world. We now have a SABA Standard, very much like the “Forbes Standard”, that is important for Butler trainers to follow. Our trainers have followed this standard of lively, inspiring and engaging training for years, leading to exceptional results in service training. Therefore we welcome the Butler Academy (BA) Plaque which will be sent to our clients, and includes several online test for Butlers, in order to meet the required standards set out by the industry.

The BA Butler Association is a non-profit industry body, instituted in February 2021, that represents the interests of clients and Butlers at all levels. The focus is on a membership and a support structure for the future. We aim to achieve high standards and celebrate achievements through this membership program.

How to become a Member? The team at BA Butler Association will be sending out online registration forms to be completed by past students. The first phase will be launched on International Butler Day 29 July 2021.

Not yet a SABA Butler? You can complete the below form to register for any of our upcoming Butler courses.

Please upload your CV in PDF format.

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