Importance of Trays

It is important to note that the tray is an important tool in any hospitality establishment. All trays must be clean and used correctly. Every time a guest requests something, even if it is a pen! You should always place it on a tray as part of your service etiquette.

Hold the tray or salver on the flat of your hand, unless it has handles never hold with a finger over the rim.

The Tray is always with you, without it you cannot serve!

  • Glasses always on a tray.
  • Serving a beer which should be opened at the table – does not require a tray.
  • Passing objects; cell phone, pen, reading glasses etc.
  • Never place wine bottles or any bottles on the tray – will fall down.
  • Never place the tray on your finger tips – we are not in the circus.
  • Always use the “scissor method” when serving from the tray.
  • Never place a tray on a table or chair when serving.

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