The History of a Butler

 The Butler, also known as the Major Domo, is the head of a household, the most important server in a house. The Butler is also known to be in charge over all the other employees in a household as he or she oversees the entire operation. Butlers as the senior servants, has the highest servant status and are the ones to answer for all situations. Traditionally it was men that performed the role of a Butler, however in today’s times there are also phenomenal female butlers.

Some of the key characteristics that a good butler should have and which will be explained is:

  • A desire to serve

A butler is and should be someone who makes others feel at ease, they should be able to see others needs before they see to their own needs. A strong desire to be of service of others is required and should never avoid an opportunity to learn.

  • Discretion

A distinguished butler should be able to complete his or her work in complete invisibility, Invisibility is still a trait that is much requested in the service industry. 

  • Interest

A butler should be interested in understanding the needs and requirements of his or her employer, however the butler is not on show or to be the focal point of attention. The butler should at all times maintain a calm, reserved and modest behaviour.

  • Ability to anticipate

When a distinguished butler has the ability to anticipate their employers needs, it trumps over all abilities of the butler.

By Arie Student of SABA Class April 2021