Opulent turn-down service – known as a turn-down Butler

Opulent turndown service – known as a turndown Butler
This fine art means the butler has studied each guests personal preference, for example knowing which side of the bed the guest prefers to sleep and pre tempting turndown correctly, providing the correct linen for different taste preferences or request ( relaxation pillow, soya bean pillow, neck pillow, pregnancy pillow, hypoallergenic preferences, even colour palette preferences) A personalised special gift, tailored to each guest (foreign or local) , or an evening surprise package which could include a specified selection or a hand selected choice of the finest chocolates, bed time teas, champagne, creamy soothing alcoholic drinks, connoisseur cognacs, presented by the Butler, scented roses or even a reflexology session combined with a morning spa session
Special occasion – birthday celebrations, honeymoon / anniversary decor. All personal decor choices are conducted in a very tasteful and exclusive manner. We are specific that only the best products are only used and are locally sourced. We use only the finest, seasonal flowers, the best personalised gifts, the most exclusive caviar / la priarre facial products to be used for the restroom ) ALL products are ethically sourced and preferably organic. This room would be exceptionally clean, nothing is to be out of place with a keen and highly detailed eye from the discerning butler. A complete run down of itinerary will be provided to the guests in a luxurious manner. The mood / feeling in the suite / room would be of the highest luxury feeling – excitement and joy! The general flow of events should be completely seamless and effortlessly opulent from the Butler.