Good evening MR CROSS.

Sir, the academy has set a world record of training all over the continent with high standards of etiquette, pro-activity, passion, technical skills and excellent commitment over the past years and present. The Academy, being the one and only in the continent have made dreams come true for many people as an achievement for eternity. 

The core of SABA is to provide formal, modern yet indispensable service worldwide, as the client list is a perfect vision of the legacy Butler Academy. Descriptions of every detail with clients are true honest effective and marketable, thus proving better ways of the most trustworthy and true art of service in the hospitality industry.  The Academy promise is success gained by thorough understanding of culture, needs, goals and demands of the household or organization we have relationship with.

For sure the SABA Butler Academy establishment is based on real household, hotel and luxury expectations. The butlers are moulded from mindset to body language to demeanour, presentation and execution, on par with international standards. Constantly updating techniques and modules, they are assuring of being well prepared and ready to work in any environment following the same code of professionalism and protocol around the globe that nothing is impossible.

It is an inspiring determination for the Ultimate in service excellence satisfaction indeed!



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