Cigarettes and Cigars

“The appreciation of fine cigars, like the appreciation of wines, is an exceptional form of art”

When Cigarettes or Cigars are offered, an ashtray between two guests is acceptable. Always present cigarettes opened on a small silver tray on a napkin with a lighter. Use lighters rather than matches – it gives off sulfur.

First, the definition of a fine cigar: a fine cigar is handmade using only 100% tobacco.  Cigars are named in all sorts of romantic ways and the names add some confusion to the grades and sizes of cigars, however these names represent a few of the names given to particular sized cigars. The following list provides some useful guidelines if you are in a position where you need to advise a guest.

  • Panatellas 5-to just over 6 inches ring gauge 28-38
  • Coronas 5.5 to 6 inches ring gauge 42-44
  • Coronas Gordas 5 to just over 6 inches ring gauge 44-50
  • Robustos 5.5 inches ring gauge 50
  • Figurados 6.5 inches ring gauge 52-54
  • Lonsdales just under 7 inches ring gauge 42
  • Double Coronas 7.5 – 8.5 inches ring gauge 48-52
  • Churchills 7 inches ring gauge 48

The ring gauge is calculated in much the same way as jewelers measure the size of a finger for correct sizes for rings.

But there are some special thoughtfulness you can take into account when recommending cigars; the mood or situation of the guest:

  • Senoritas The short break
  • Panatellas The day’s first cigar
  • Petit Coronas “
  • Coronas Extending a luxurious lunch
  • Grand Coronas An hour of leisure
  • Double Coronas Crowning a regal dinner

Giant Double Coronas For the exceptional moment

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